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To the Warden [183.7hz] [Private]

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Adrianna sighs as she looks over the stacks of paperwork piled on her desk, she scowls looking toward his office room hearing thumping from behind the closed door. Enough was enough, she thought to herself. She would look through an old file in her bottom right drawer and scan the paperwork with her fingertip, before finding what she was looking for. She dials her radio to the frequency before raising it to her mouth and whispering into it.

Warden... Hollows. This is Adrianna, secretary to Mr. Jack Warren. I'm sure by now you know the name well. I'm contacting you to offer you an opportunity. I've had enough of this monster and I want you to rehabilitate him. He's going back to the safe house, it's in the town just West of Balota on the coast. I know that's fairly close to your, uh, base of operations. You will find him there.

She looks again toward the door and hears nothing, before once again speaking into the radio.

He should be there for the next couple of days. If not for a favour to me, do this for yourselves. This man is a monster, an animal. He enslaves innocent people and forces them into labour. You'll sleep better at night knowing he isn't doing these things, I hope.

She removes the battery from her radio and places it into the top right drawer, before getting up and leaving the room.

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Warden Hollows was busy organizing the case files against Dalton Low and Bobby Balfour when the radio on his desk cracked to life. He initially thought it to be general chatter between patrolling Regulators, but he ceased all actions as he hears an unfamiliar female voice. His hands fall to his lap as he sits forward in his chair, forearms on his thighs as he listens to the message. Tate lofts a brow at the opportunity, yet remains highly skeptic of an impending ambush.

"This is Warden Hollows of the Regulators, we have received your message. I am quite aware of the name,' Jack Warren,' and know just how capable the man is of committing atrocities. If you could, perhaps, find a way to send evidence to Austellus once we've received him to our custody to allow us to build a proper case against him, that would make the holding and rehabilitation process go much more smoothly."

He pauses momentarily to give some orders out to some of his NCO staff. A door is heard opening and then closing again moments apart as a map is rolled out onto his desk, where they immediately and silently begin the planning of a sting operation, as well as additional defenses shall this be a trap.

"However, I must warn you - whomever you are. If this is an ambush, we will retaliate with full force. Do what you can before he departs to assure he is relatively under-equipped for his journey in the firearms department. Make our job easier."

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