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Look at the stars... (Open Frequency)

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*Aspen looks around the airfield and then up at the stars. He grabs his radio and presses down on the PTT button.*

"Damn guys... I know that there is some real bad shit in the world. People getting killed everywhere, getting tortured, those undead fuckers are always around, but I know for me personally, I have never looked at the stars much at all. It's..."

*Aspen takes a pause.*

"It's really relaxing. Try it, try to enjoy the little things between getting shot and shooting someone else. Hope it helps."

*Aspen releases the PTT button to hear "SHUT THE FUCK UP PROSPECT!" He keeps watch and enjoys the stars.*

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Demont Williams cuts over the radio in a slight southern American accent.

"Yeah, they're beautiful, ain't they? Makes ya' want ta' fish durin' the night ta' see what ya' can catch. You'se a fisher, stranger?"

Demont asked, before continuing.

"I love these nights, I truly do. Especially as them early hours roll on by and the soundin' off of the devil's tools subsides ta' the songs of nature. One of the best things right there. Ain't gonna clutter the waves no more. Enjoy your night, stranger."

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*Aspen, sitting in front of his fire, listens to the frequency and picks up his radio and presses down the PTT button.*

"I never did fish much, but I have heard it is amazing for the soul. Maybe I'll try it again one of these days, but you never know. Enjoy your night and enjoy the stars."

*Aspen releases the PTT button and sets down the radio to tend to his fire.*

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