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Vince Levy

Good RP By NW Airbase

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Hey everyone! 

I wanted to say thanks to my two new friends that joined me tonight.

We traveled around collecting gear, had some good conversation and made steaks :)

We ventured to the NW Airfield and stirred the pot with a crew that eventually led to a shootout that I managed to survive. 

I'm still new to all of this so I still didn't know what to expect. I had a lot of fun RP'n with everyone. It's been interesting to see how everyone is handling their roles and I've learned a lot. I'm glad I found this community and I just wanted to let you all know I'm loving it!

(EDIT: Shit Sorry, didn't notice the thread. Still finding my way around the forums)

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Glad you had fun but we have a thread for this ;)

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Good onya for making this thread, but theres a place for this! I am on my phone currently so I dont feel like linking it, but trust me, Im telling the truth\

Edit: There ya go.

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