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Heroine Child [W.I.P.]

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I'm excited to see what you've got for us Hope, let us see.

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I thought it was a group idea haha! looking forward to see more miss hope.

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Waiting for update, so excited to read this :) <3 #HYPETRAIN

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The suspense is killing me.

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Excitement and stuff.

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My stomach is in a knot and it will be until this gets released

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“Mummy why are you using your sleeping needles again?” 

Hope Mayson stared at her mother with her cold clueless eyes.  

Watching as her mother quickly wrapped a belt around her arm with the syringe stuck in her mouth.

Her mother spoke in a quick pace, almost sounding desperate.

“Mummy and Daddy are just going to have a quick nap and then we can celebrate your birthday, OK? All we need is a quick fix...”

The frail hand captured the syringe from her crusting dry lips.

A pop of a cap from the syringe, flicking the tube gently.

The cloudy liquid trembled inside.

A bead of liquid peaking from the tip of the needle.

It plucked into the vein of the women.

Crimson blood dribbled softly down her pale arm.

The syringe hung there from her arm, almost looking like it was going to rip her flesh apart.

Her mother only just managing to release the belt.

Her face smoothed like butter.

A gomeless look.

A response was impossible to get from her.

The draining moan from the women on the recliner and father whom was slumped in the kitchen chair.

Almost orgasmic before their heads hung downwards in the sedate.

Hope waited there in the kitchen with her father just in the same state as her mother.

Almost as if she was used to it.

The young girl on her 8th birthday stared at the cake on the kitchen table.

Her stomach snarled with a bubbling noise as she clutched it.

Hope became more avid, leaving herself to her own device.

She took whatever would feed her that night, presuming the sleeping needles would last longer than expected.

She tucked herself in bed that night.

Staring at the walls cracked with flaking green paint.

The next day she awoke from a restless sleep.

Light feet pattered on the cracked tiles.

Her eyes moved to her mother on the recliner chair.

Skin looking more… abnormal…

She glanced into the kitchen.

Her father with the same skin complexion.


Hope thought nothing of it.

At first.

Moving towards her father.

Flies swarming the birthday cake with a small piece cut from it.

Barely touched.

The cheap set buffet scarcely touched.

Her petite finger pressing against her father’s bicep.

It was stiff and almost felt… frozen?


Her voice questioned up to the towering man with the red irritated bags under his eyes.

“It’s time to wake up Daddy…”

She gently hit him on the leg.

No response.


Hope stood there for a few moments before quickly rushing to her mother.

“Mummy… Daddy’s not waking up…”

She budged the women’s slanted leg.

Her corpse body tipped over the side of the chair.

No response.

The little girl just stood there.



She moved to the corner of the living room.

Knees pressed tightly against her chest as she watched the T.V.

A few hours had passed and a rambutionas bang on the door.

Hope shifted from her seat.

Feeling the tip of her nose numb from the coldness.

She stumbled to the door to look up to a business women.


Her case manager.

“Hey sweetie.”

Audrey bent down on her knees.

A small box in child-like wrapping paper.

“I’m sorry I missed your birthday… Was it good? Did I miss anything? You’re beginning to look like a big girl now...”

Audrey smiled widely towards Hope.

Hope looked towards Audrey.

Her blue eyes pierced at the pearl necklace hanging from the white blouse.

Her soft voice spoke to the case manager as her head turned towards the dark pitched cave of a home.

“Mummy and Daddy aren’t waking up…”

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Drugs and children? I am already on board :). Can't wait to see what is to come.

*EDIT* Got posted as I was responding. This is so chilling, but I loved it. This is some serious writing. Well done, and I am now hungry for more

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:cry: So sad, poor little Hope :(

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Huh, reminds me of when my parents took heroine

10/01 would meme again

In all seriousness though very well written, I'd love to see more!

<3 <3 <3

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Why you do this to me Hope? So dark...

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Thank you for the feedback guys. Chapter 2 will come soon, probably tonight or sunday :)

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Amazing Hope, more please.

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Audrey remained squatted, unknowing what to say before flipping out a phone from her pocket. 

The tone of dialling numbers beeped from her phone.

The phone rang.

Audrey’s face had paled, looking like the day she wished for came at the wrong time.

“999, what is your emergency?”

“This is Audrey Longensteen, calling for an ambulance at Juna Estate, level three, door number fifteen. Reporting two adult bodies in an unconscious or probably worse case scenario.”

“Alright Miss Longensteen, police and an ambulance are on their way. Estimated thirty minutes. Please stand by.”

Audrey stared at Hope, unable to thank the operator on the other side. 

Her eyes narrowed with a pitying look to the young eight year old.

The phone closed shut and crammed into the tight tailored pocket of the jacket.

Audrey forced a smile upon her face, rubbing down each of Hope’s fragile arms.

“Let’s get you in the car to warm up, you’re freezing!” 

Audrey playfully said.

Hope nodded timidly, unable to understand what was going on.

Soon the sound of sirens and flashing blue lights lit up the dark stormy day.

Paramedics boosted out of the vehicle's doors, sprinting towards Hope’s home.

Police pulled beside the ambulance. 

Neighbours of the estate opening their doors to have a quick mosey.

Hope cluelessly watched from Audrey’s car, heat blasting on her twig thin legs.

“You stay here sweetie. I’m just going to go and have a check on your parents, OK?”

Hope again nodded to her case manager. 

Baffled with everything surrounding her.

She slumped into the car seat.

An overwhelming gush of guilt and upset plummeted into her tiny little body.

She began tearing up, thinking she had done something wrong.

That this was her fault.

The police and paramedics were there for hours. 

Hope now shaking with fears that she had been a bad child.

That she had caused all of this.

Until she finally caught a glimpse of paramedics wheeling out trolleys covered in black bin bags.

Something a child should never see.

Oblivious to the fact it was her parents being shipped to the morgue.

Something Hope never caught onto until she was told.

The police marched up to the car with Audrey by their side.

Audrey’s arms were folded in a tense position as she looked pained at the child.

One of the officers opened the door and calmly spoke to Hope in her dirtied baby pink pyjamas.

“Miss… Could we have a word…”

Calmly spoke the male officer, sized bigger than what her father scaled as.

Hope watched the officer, examining all the tools gathered on his body.

She began tearing up, a burst of panic showing to the officers.

“Am I… in trouble…”

She mumbled secretly.

The officer gave her a reassuring smile, offering her a hand.

“No… We just want to have a talk. You’re not in trouble… And plus… Audrey here told us it was your birthday yesterday. We can give you a ride in our police car in the front seat, how about that?”

Hope’s eyes shifted towards the back of the officer to look at Audrey, she quickly nodded in excitement and gave her a quick thumbs up.

The child at first contemplated about taking the officer’s hand before hopping out of the seat to have a talk.

They prudently found the truth from the young girl. 

Everything made sense to them.

“OK, well Hope, that’s a pretty name isn’t it. Hope. I wish I could have you… You give me a lot of hope.”

Joked the female officer before rubbing Hope’s shoulder.

“How about that police ride? We managed to find you somewhere that is more than willing to take you on holiday.”

Hope stopped in her tracks, unsure what the women officer meant.

“What do you mean?”

The officers quickly stopped in their tracks, unable to come up with an excuse. 

Audrey butted in.

“You remember Michael and Debbie right? Those nice doctor and nurse people… They want to look after you… Give you a better party… Take you on holiday and… Make you feel happy. Go on darling, don’t worry. You’re going to be OK.”

That day Hope never thought of looking back on her home. 

Always thinking of returning to her mother and father.

The car ride from the policemen and women was fun to say the least.

Allowing her to turn on the sirens and having small laughs.

Even giving her candy.

One thing they failed to mention to her was that her parents overdosed on heroine.

The rain bashed down on the roof of the car as the police car and Audrey’s car pulled up to a driveway after hours of driving. 

This was a whole new experience for Hope. 

Something she had never thought would happen in her life.

Being taken somewhere that took about three hours to get there.

The wooden door slowly opened.

A landing light hit the pavement doorway with it’s brightness as Michael and Debbie stood there.

Bright welcoming smiles from there face.

Audrey appeared beside the police passenger door, opening it slowly for Hope.

She bowed to Hope and gave an encouraging look.

Hope hopped from the car.

One step at a time she came closer to what would be her adoptive parents.

Michael squatted, wearing a cashmere sweater and hair slicked back.

“My my!”

He stated with a friendly, almost satisfying tone.

“Look Debbie… Our Princess finally found her castle!”

Uncertain by the metaphorical terms, Hope almost took a bright look on things.

Debbie squatted down to Michael. 

“Do we get a special hug Princess Pisces?”

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Wow, just wow. Very well written. Keep these coming Hope :)

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It had been a few weeks since Hope was adopted by Michael and Debbie legally.

But due to the confusion of Hope, she remained in her room.

Everything was so different to her now.

Instead of a bedroom with green cracking paint.

It was now flower wallpaper and laminated floors.

Bunches of toys and pillows.

Something that was very unusual for a child who had lived in a heroine addicts house.

Compared to now, her old home seemed like a nightmare.

Everything so dusty and dark.

The fairy lights bunkered around her room made it all too dreamy.

It wasn’t until one night Hope overheard from the first floor Michael and Debbie arguing.

Michael, a man who had all the patience in the world, sounded like he had lost it.

Trying to keep his voice calm.

“It’s been three months Debbie and she hasn’t come out of her room!”

There was a pause.

Almost hearing a shivering hiccup from Michael.

“What are we doing wrong!?”

Debbie interrupted him, her tone the same volume and aggression as his.

“Her parents overdosed on heroine Michael, you really think she is going to think everything OK!? The poor child doesn’t have a clue what is going on!”

The house suddenly went quite.

An eery feeling crawling underneath Hope’s flesh.

Though she was young, she could piece together the puzzle pretty quickly.

“That little girl needs as much love and attention right now than anything. And if she isn’t used to that Michael then it’s our job to do that for her. You promised me. You promised me once we finally had a child of our own that you’d not do this. I know it’s stressful, I know. I know we can’t have a baby and start from square one but this little girl needs everything right beside her. Do you really think Audrey would’ve left her with us if she thought we were unsuitable?”

The argument continued on that night.

Hope had clocked on what she needed to do.

Something she never did by her parents side.


After a few hours of listening to a broken record of an argument, Hope built the courage to meet them face to face.

The room filled with silence.

A young girl standing between two adults with flushed faces.

Hope held the soft velvet like teddybear tightly in her arms.

Her voice almost close to tears.

“I’m sorry. Please no more shouting… I…”

Michael quickly rushed to Hope’s side and hugged her tightly.

The hug felt something more than it should've.

For the first time in…

For the first time…

Hope felt like she was loved and wanted.

Michael roughly kissed her temple and rocked themselves back and forth.

Trying to be as comforting and securing of the eight year old.

“It’s OK sweetpea… It’s OK… Me and Debb-”

Hope cut Michael off, almost looking directly at Debbie.

The emotions inside Hope's heart and mind didn’t stop her from saying it.

“Daddy and Mummy are upset because I’ve not come down and spoke to you… I…”

Michael looked astonished at the little girl in his arms.

Lost for words.

His glance shot at Debbie with tears slowly swarming in his eyes.

Debbie gently spoke with an accomplished smile across her face.

“How about Daddy and Princess Pisces go and have a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows?”

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good story hope

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I really enjoy these stories hope; can't wait for chapter four!

good story hope

Thanks guys! Trying to keep it enjoyable and only things that show development in Hope's life. <3

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