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What's happening?! (Open Frequency.)

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*Stiles emerges from the muddy pit he lay in, covered in mud, blood, spit and urine. He wipes his eyes and looks around the large ditch for his backpack. He stokes the mark on his young face that was once flowing with blood. He eventually picked located the small hunting back-pack and unzipped the jammed zip, he hadn't been through his bag in a long time. He struggled a little but managed to untangle it from the dirt that had connected in-between the teeth of the zip. He rooted through his bag, he pulled out his not so white t-shirt and placed it over his bare torso. He then pulled out his shoes and placed them on his feet, double-knotting both laces as he did this. After this, he pulled out his radio, his fingers had not touched the buttons in a long time, several months to be exact. He stared at it blankly before flipping to an open frequency, it was now that he began to talk. His voice sounds young, that of a teenage boys, he has a slight crack in his voice showing that he was weak and lacking energy.*

"Hello... My name is Stiles Tee."

*After saying this a snap was heard in the backround, Stiles inhales and then goes silent before he continues.*

"I'm not quite sure what the date is, or how long it's been, it's been a while I know that; I went off on my own for a little bit, around a month, then I bumped into the wrong crowd of people, you know what I mean. Pretty sure I'm sixteen, might be seventeen now, not too sure. The last thing I remember from before I went off alone was the name Ollie, and the name Hope, some others ring to mind, but for some reason my head is telling me to keep those names to myself, so I guess that's what I'll do. The names I do remember aren't that familiar, I don't remember why I remember them or how or whatever. Liska rings to mind too, but pretty sure that not important if what I think I know, is true."

*He pauses again, as he searches through his bag for a drink.*

"I've been gone now for several months, not too sure if the people I knew are still alive. Or if anyone is anymore. I remember the name Josh too, of Outrun, were we friends? Are you alive? Does anyone know if he's alive? Maybe. Is there anything I need to know before I start coming in land, who do I watch out for, who matters and who doesn't... What's the world like?"

*These last few words began to get drowned out by the sound of fuzzing as Stiles' signal begins to fall*

"I need help... I'm... At..."

*The transmission comes to an end. Fuzzing is heard.*

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*hears the voice over the radio and giggles a little bit*

Maybe you remember my voice ...maybe not. We will see I guess. 


Dr.Hope is still around... Thats what I can tell you. Search for her in Camp Hope near Novy Sobor.

Mhmm...Josh... didnt see him for a while sadly but I think he is still alive. 

Liska are not around anymore. 

Anything you need to know? Yeah... you have to be strong to survive in that world. 

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*Stiles hears the womans voice and immediantly fills with happiness, he may not have known Lyca all that well, but a familiar voice none the less, he walks through the pond water over to his radio after washing himself, dries his hands on his shirt and picks up his radio. He begins to transmit.*

"Lyca? I'm surprised you remember me, yeah, trust me, I've watched too many friends fall, it's easier alone, but I guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was, I guess I'm as independant as I thought I was either, but I will become strong again, I know it... Well, I hope."

*Stiles clears his throat.*

"It's been a long time since we spoke, what groups have popped up, anyone I should watch out for?"

*The transmission ends as Stiles re-enters the water.*

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*smiles before she speaks again and press the button again*

Mhmmm... wasnt that sure you would remember me. 

Groups have popped up? You should know... thats nothing we should talk over the radio. Dont you think?

Many bad bad people around like always. 

*giggles for a moment again*

But nice hearing ya. 

Just believe in yourself and be strong. Thats my advice. Never give up.

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*Bas hears some people talking on the radio. Which one of them sounding familiar. He decided to put down his guitar and respond with his radio*

Hello...... You sound familiar, but I'm not sure

I don't remember your name

*Static for a moment*

I think we have met before

My name is Bas maybe you remember me better than I remember you

It has been a long time......

Anyway let's get to the point

If you need any help, come around the town of Novy-Sobor

I usually hang around there

The names you talked about do not sound familiar to me, but maybe I can help you find those people

*Another static. This time a little longer*

Hope you are doing good

Stay safe out there

*Transmission ends*

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*Stiles hears the unfimiliar voice, he tries to recall who it is, but can't. He pulls the radio close to his mouth as he swallows the meat from the dear he had caught earlier, he begins to talk.*

"I said my name? Stiles. But I don't remember who you are, I can't remember if your name rings a bell or not..."

*The transmission ends.*

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*Hears the voice again and picks up his radio*

Sorry I didn't follow the whole conversation

My bad....

I could have been wrong, but you still sound familiar to me....

My offer still counts though, even if I mistoke you for someone else

If you need help, visit me at Novy-Sobor

*Transmission ends*

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