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Anyone there? [Old Outrun Private Frequency]

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*Jamie warms up in the small little hanger at the North East Airfield, he looks down at his lamp and smiles slightly while contemplating on using his tape recorder or radio, and finally looks down upon his radio, remembering the old frequency and begins to speak, pushing down the PTT button*

"H-hey guys, it's Jamie here, just hoping that anyone still uses this frequency.."

*He stays silent for a few moments and begins to speak*

"I've been doing kinda okay, just getting by. I've had something to eat and might travel soon again. I'm at this airfield, definitely not the North West one that's for sure.

I'm just.. just kinda hoping someone tunes into this frequency. Anyone from Outrun that is, I just hope you're all okay and you guys are still alive.."

*He sighs softly and says one more thing*

"Someone be alive... please?"

*He releases the PTT button and drops it on the floor gently, listening for a response and footsteps*

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*Julia slumps down against a tree after a long day of trecking back east. She fiddles around for awhile and starts begins to drink and smoke while she scans over frequencies. She lands on the outrun frequency and stays for a moment. She hears the transmission and decides to respond. She takes a drag of her cigarette while depressing the PTT*

"Well I'm alive... Sam is alive... that's all I know. I don't think Josh is probably alive anymore. Last I heard from him he was up north... that was a long time ago. Any idea how far along he was with his treatments? How's things?"

*She releases the PTT and awaits a response.*

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*Jamie looks down at the radio and smiles a tiny bit and begins to speak into the radio* 

"Josh? Er.. I'm not too sure, I genuinely don't know where everyone went after the disband, apart from Ryan of course.

I'd hate to say it, but he probably has passed.. Fucks sake.."

*He rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration and speaks more* 

"I don't know how far along he was, I thought he had a bit more chemo left but I really don't know. Ryan and such helped with that.

I'm sorry I'm not more help with that. But er... I kinda wish I could say I'm okay. Ended up in a town called Freeport and got branded by the Brokers, managed to talk my way out of getting sold but.. er yeah that's what's happened with me". 

*He stares at the sky and closes his eyes and speaks once again into the radio, much more quietly*

"I'm going to head to my usual place within the next few days and have a good think about things. I'll keep an ear on this frequency, please take care and be safe..."

*He releases the PTT and moves on his way"

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*Jo is sat in a chair, looking at an old torn picture of her and her family. She hears Jamie's voice on the radio. Surprised, she grabs her radio and presses the PTT*

"J...Jamie? Is that really you?"

*She pauses for a minute, thinking about Alan*

"I thought you were dead! Its good to see that you are still going strong... Im sorry to hear about what happened with you and The Brokers."

*She looks across the room to where Alison is asleep*

"When Outrun disbanded, a few of us stuck together. I don't know if we are calling ourselves Outrun or what, but its good to be with some friendly faces. You should come stay with us. We aren't exactly the Old Outrun as we have a few new people walking around with us, but its the closest we can hope to get. I hope to hear from you soon... Don't go dying on us"

*Jo releases the PTT and gently puts the radio back down on the table. she then slouches down in the chair and pulls a second picture out of her vest. This time its a picture of Jo and Josh. She stares at it, hoping he is still alive*

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*Jamie smiles as he travels while hearing the radio beam to life with Jo's voice, he grabs it and holds down the PTT button and laughs while speaking*

"Yep it's me, not dead yet! Somehow."

*He stops laughing but continues to smile* 

"Don't worry about the Brokers, it'll be sorted at some point, but hey it sounds like you're doing okay. And about that offer? I think I'll need a few days to think about it. I'm heading to My Spot for a few days so if you wanna travel there to see me feel free".

*He begins to be more quiet and solemn before speaking one more time* 

"Give my best to everyone aight..?"

*He releases the button and holsters his Shotgun, beginning his travels*

"I'm glad you're alive..."

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*Ryan had kept a radio on at all times on the shelf in his house, tuned in to Outrun's frequency. He had been lying on the sofa in his house when he hears Jamie's transmission, he listens to the various responses and picks up the radio, pressing the PTT*

Good to hear from you guys again

Me and Elena are still living, she has woken up and is recovering after what happened

*he pauses for a moment*

Josh... i'm not sure, last I heard he was set up with Banks up north. I'm sure hes alright... I will try him on his radio later and see how hes doing.

Keep yourselves safe guys, and if you need anything just radio me

*he releases the PTT and sighs, placing the radio back onto the shelf*

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*Jamie looks over the never ending rain and sighs, leaning back against the wall and slides down clutching his left shoulder as it bleeds very slightly, regardless he picks up his dirty radio and chuckles, pressing the PTT button* 

"Hey there Ryan, sorry for not getting back in touch with ya, kinda got a bit sidetracked you see. Got a bit lost but finally got to my spot. The rain won't bloody stop.."

*Jamie opens the window, still holding down the PTT button so everyone over the frequency can hear the rain, and takes his hand back inside* 

"It's fucking shit out there, worse than Home I tell you, you know what I mean aye?"

*He chuckles to himself and goes a bit quiet, grabbing a hold of his tape recorder and sets it gently next to him*

"Let me know is Joshie boy is aight, Ryan? I'll keep on this frequency every day for anyone. Not gonna die for anyone just quiet yet".

*He presses the record button on his tape recorder*

"Stay safe everyone".

*He releases the PTT button and places it down on the floor gently, as not to disturb the recorder*

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