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Looking for anyone

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*John sits in the corner of the house he just took shelter in staring at the radio contemplating using the radio for the first time*

*John picks up the radio and clicks the PTT button"

*With nervousness in his voice* "To anyone out there, I am looking for somewhere with doctors"  

"My friend, Alex, was lost to illness and I'm dedicating myself to helping anyway I can. I have medical supplies, I wish to deliver to people who can help the people on this hellhole we're stuck with calling home"

*John starts tearing up and releases the PTT button" 

*John regains his composure and clicks the PTT button* "Please, I know there is someone out there to help. I'm not affiliated with any group. People need help. I---" *John releases the PTT button after hearing something outside

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*CJ picks up his radio within his cabin where he has been resting after hearing this broadcast*

*Presses down the PTT*

*Speaks softly*

"I know a special place that would accept you... But you will have to meet me... to Make sure you are a good person to take to this place. You dont need to worry about anything either, Do I sound like a guy who would cause anyone any harm?"

"CJ releases the PTT"

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*Jo hears the man is distressed. She presses the PTT*

"If its doctors that you are looking for then Camp Hope is where you need to go"

*She exhales loudly*

"If you can't find them, you can always reach them on 91.1Hz. Im... Im sorry to hear about your friend"

*Jo lets go of the PTT, briefly thinking about Josh*

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*The radio statics clicks*

"Please don't trust strangers friend."

*Content, he remains silent*

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