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Something Worth Fixing

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So, it turns out I failed my  whitelisting application because of a minor confusion in the lore. I am not sure if it is a matter of wording or my inability to comprehend, but it did cost me my first application. The phrase of discussion is, 

"In the wake of the infection there are two certainties that survivors learn. The first is that those still alive have a natural immunity to the infection. Since the initial outbreak the infection has not been transmitted to survivors in over an entire year. The reasons are unknown, but despite several encounters and attacks from the infected those alive have yet to contract the infection. " 

It states that the survivors, "know," that they are immune. Then it goes on to say that they have no idea why they aren't infected after being attacked, but the survivors supposedly knew that they are immune. It is a matter of wording I believe. I think you can see how I got it wrong on the application, I wanted to choose immunity, but the second phrase threw me off. Anyways, hope it gets fixed and I hope to pass next time.

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Good day friend :).

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make your first attempt :(, but don't give up!

However I think the wording in the passage actually depicts quite clearly what is going on.

I would elaborate on it, but do not wish the risk of stepping over the boundaries of assisting without giving too much information.

I would suggest perhaps rereading the passage.

As I had the same idea as you in the beginning, but the more I read it out loud to myself the more it started to make sense.

Good luck with your second attempt and I hope to see you in Chernarus :).

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I can see the flaw in this, but it's just how some people interpret it I guess. Overall, i think they should make the whitelist harder. Thats just me tho

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Thank you for your responses. Will put in another application tomorrow.

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