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The Story of Lance Forbes

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Lance Forbes

"The Scientist"

Black Fox Expeditionary Force

Location: South Zagoria, Chernarus

[mp3] http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/580cde738f214.mp3 [/mp3]

Entry 1: Setting up camp


“I finally fuckin made it” Lance muttered as he pushed himself up the hill to the church compound. The walls of the church had been lit up with small torches hung up by his colleagues and he could hear a few voices inside the compound as he made his way up. Lance walked into the camp and was met by Michael and Bernard. “Good to see you Lance” He heard Michael say as he sat down heavily by the fire. He sat and spoke to the guys at the fire for a bit, watching a light flicker in the town just down the hill. “Who the fuck is that in town with that light on anyway” Lance asked, turning his head toward Bernard as he did. “Hera… I think, she said she was going to look for supplies.” Lance turned his head back toward the light, wondering whether or not it was a good idea to be carrying a torch around the town during the night. Eventually, while the others were busy discussing the food they had gathered, Lance headed out of camp to try and find her.

He caught up with Hera and they spoke for a bit. Lance had always enjoyed her company, even though she never really spoke much and they talked about the man the group had met earlier in the day and the state of the country as they checked the nearby houses. As they started heading back up the road Hera spoke up “Lance… er… not meaning to be rude but how did you end up in a prison in Iceland anyway?” Lance told the full story, about how he started a fight with someone over ration cards. Lance always blamed the other fella for provoking him into the fight, but with his short temper it was mostly Lance’s own fault which led to him being locked up. “What about yourself?” Lance said, looking toward Hera as he did. She replied in a blunt tone, although Lance could still tell she regretted her actions as she explained them, “I found out I was producing a biological weapon… so I burnt the facility and the scientists inside.” Lance was shocked by the response he received, with everyone else’s crimes seeming to be small fights he didn’t expect Hera to be a murderer. They headed back up to the compound with the thought still fresh in Lance’s mind.

The rest of the evening was peaceful. Lance managed to catch up with Jeremiah and the rest of the group when they returned from their run to the airfield, but with most of them exhausted from the run many went to sleep in their respective tents once they had eaten. Noticing that most of the group could barely stay awake, Lance offered to take first watch along with Mikey. He ignored the bandaged stab wound on his right side as he patrolled the town for a couple of hours before waking up Michael and getting some sleep in one of the empty tents.

[align=left]Entry 2: Tough decisions

Lance woke up to the sound of Hera and Atli talking outside of his tent. He sat up and headed out of his tent, joining them by the campfire. It was still midnight with the only source of light being that of the campfire in the centre of the compound. They were soon joined by Sam and Michael and sat round the campfire exchanging stories. While talking about the infection, Michael decided to speak up “Oh yeah I forgot to mention yesterday but, I think I’m immune.” Everyone looked round to Michael and any other conversations were quickly cut out. “How?” Hera asked quickly, “One of the biters caught up to me yesterday and got a scratch in on my arm, but it looks like a normal wound, doesn’t look infected.” In awe with the latest news Hera quickly went over to Michael to check his wound. Lance noticed Sam stand up and move to one side. He noticed his uncomfortable stance and quickly put one hand on the pistol in his holster.

As Hera was working on treating Michael, Sam spoke up in an urgent tone “Listen, this is serious shit, you can’t keep information like this from the group, and we need to be open with this shit.” Lance sat back and watched as Michael and Sam had somewhat of a heated debate which ended in Michael apologising for forgetting to tell the group. The topic of conversation was quickly changed to that of ammunition and weaponry, with Michael teaching Atli about the different types of weapons that the group had on them. 

Later on, the group gathered in the centre of the compound. Mikey informed the group of the plan for the rest of the night. “We got a town down south of our current location, named Kabanino, we are going to check this town for any information we can gather before moving to the nearby military compound just south west of the town” the plan seemed good enough and the group headed out, leaving 2 behind to defend the camp while the rest headed out to the town.

The area seemed oddly silent as the group walked into the town, this was until voices could be heard in a small industrial building to their left. They could hear shouting as they approached and took positions behind the wall. Jeremiah turned round to address the group  “Me and Andrew will check it out, you guys standby just in case” however Lance couldn’t help himself and followed the pair round the corner. He was faced with a man in military uniform and a blue UN helmet, tied up by a group of 3 ‘bandits’. Before Lance could get a word in one of the bandits spoke “how about you mind your own business eh?” Jeremiah was quick to respond “You know what... whatever” before walking away, followed by Andrew and Lance. Lance was confused, why weren’t they attempting to help the man?

“You fuckin serious... UN guy fuckin tied up and we are leavin him to die”

Michael spoke up "Could be a mass murderer for all we know"

"Fucking stupid... alright let’s just get through this fuckin town and leave"

The group made their way through the town and the military complex. They had a few conversations with random survivors however the thought of leaving the UN man to die was still haunting Lance. He spoke up about it, and Andrew seemed to support his view. “I’m here to finish a mission and go home, I’m not gonna die for some random person” this was what Hera said and the majority of the group agreed with this, although Lance heard Andrew mutter something to himself

"With all due respect go fuck yourself"

Lance smirked, but he completely agreed. In his eyes it was bullshit backing out of a situation like that, and he knew that they had left that man to die.

Lance and Andrew headed back to the camp early, it was clear that the rest of the scouting party did not want them helping scavenge the rest of the airfield. On the way back they talked about the situation with the hostage. “I’m not surprised that Hera chick didn’t want to protect that man” the words Andrew said reminded Lance of the previous day, and he decided to tell Andrew what he knew “You know she got locked up for burning down a room full of scientists right? She’s a fuckin psychopath.” Andrew seemed as shocked to hear the news as Lance had the previous night and they talked about it for a bit longer before making it back to the FOB.

The voices of the rest of the group were heard by Lance on the outskirts of the compound. Andrew had gone to get some sleep and Lance planned to approach Jeremiah about the situation in Kabanino when the group got back. However another unfamiliar voice could be heard, the group had brought a new guy into the camp. He said he was of Icelandic descent and the group seemed to believe him. “So we are going to have a vote, should we take off this guy’s blindfold and let him walk around the camp.” Lance sighs and muttered to himself “this is fuckin bullshit” as the others started voting in favour. “I abstain” he called out when Jeremiah called him out and he scowled at him as he walked past. 

After the vote Jeremiah pulled Lance to one side to talk

"We can't be having people disobeying orders in this expedition Lance"

"You accusing me of dissenting now, Jeremiah... Fuckin brilliant”

"Yeah well we run things by a vote now, and if it doesn’t go your way you just gotta live with it"

"Yeah sure..."

Lance shook his head and began to walk toward the compound, Jeremiah followed up behind him, speaking with a more friendly tone.

"I do applaud your courage to try and save that man, but we can’t put others on the line for it"

"Yeah of course Jeremiah, just found out a lot about the people we are with today as all"

Lance headed back to the camp and sat down again. Later on in the evening they were forced to move out of camp, but Lance didn’t care too much. He took the supplies he needed and followed the group to the new location before pitching his tent and getting some sleep.

[align=left]Entry 3: Chernogorsk Operation

“Pretty beautiful town” Jeremiah remarked as the scouting party walked into the new town. “Forward Operating Base Sierra, that works right? He looked round to the remainder of the group; Lance, Mikey and Arnbiorn all nodded. Arnbiorn pushed open the gate to the new compound, which consisted of a small log cabin and a collection of rundown greenhouses. Lance and Mikey immediately got to work pitching their tents while Jeremiah gave the location to the others on the radio.

A couple of hours passed and most of the group had made it to the new location. Lance sat on the bench in the compound and watched as the team gathered around the campfire and prepared for the nights operation. As the sun began to set Jeremiah stepped up and addressed the group “We sent a 4 man scouting party into the town of Chernogorsk a couple of days ago and we were able to gather some information, however we decided we need a larger force to sweep the entire town. Tonight we are sending a larger force into the town” he looked round to Mikey and nodded “So we are going to split into two teams, I will lead team 1 while Mikey will lead team 2, and search the city for any evidence on the outbreak.” Lance was assigned to team 2 along with Hera and Alti and they headed out.

They reached the outskirts of the town and Lance took out his binoculars and scanned the outskirts of the town, while the others checked their weapons and ammunition were ready to go. The plan was to regroup with Michael, who was just inside the town, before splitting up and checking the town. They met up with Michael on the road and he linked with Lance’s team. They reached the crossroads and both teams split up, with team 1 checking the east side of the town while team 2 took the west. The group marched through town, clearing out small pockets of infected while checking the nearby police station and office building for any evidence about the outbreak.

“fuckin hell…” Michael muttered into the radio. The transmission was quiet but Lance quickly took the radio from his belt and spoke into it. 

“What is it?” 

“Nothing I just… found something” 

Lance headed outside of the house and met Michael on the road, he was holding a small child’s briefcase and was going through it. “Lil guy liked crayons.” Lance noticed the drawings in his hands and sighed, the realisation of the infection on children hitting him. “Let’s just keep moving, we still got that hospital to check.” Lance gripped his AK and looked round to the others “She’s right, let’s get going”

“ARNBIORN FUCKING MOVE” Jeremiah’s voice shouted through the radio. Team 2 instantly stopped on the street as Mikey took his radio “Everything alright Jeremiah? What the fucks happening?” The group quickly set up a perimeter and waited for Jeremiah’s response. “He’s been bitten.” The words left the group in a stunned silence as Lance gripped the radio in his hand and spoke into it “Get him to the government building right fuckin now”

Team 2 were first to make it to the building and Hera prepared her medical supplies while Lance headed out to find the others. He found the group beside one of the nearby buildings and quickly headed over to help. “The building is clear and we have got a perimeter set up, let’s get him moving.” The group moved through the alleyways until they reached the building, where they sat Arnbiorn down where Hera had set up her supplies. “Fucker got me in the leg” Arnbiorn muttered, his face pale as he watched Hera treating him. Lance shook his head and looked round to Jeremiah, who was already talking to the rest of the team.

“We still have a job to do, we still need to finish the mission”

“Fuck the mission Jeremiah, we got a wounded man here”

“Yeah, and an 8 man perimeter isn’t gonna help the situation at all, continue the mission!”

“Are you fuckin serious…”

“If you feel so strongly about it, stay here with Arnbiorn while we finish the mission”

Lance glared at Jeremiah, before nodding and walking over to the window. He leant on the window and watched as the group headed down the street. “Could I get a hand over here Lance?” Hera said while bandaging the wound on Arnbiorn’s lower leg. Lance headed over and crouched down beside her. “We better have collected some good information from this fuckin operation.” He reached over and took a small pair of scissors out of Hera’s medical bag, cutting the bandage as she held it out. “We got a couple of hard drives to be examined back home in Iceland, and those documents we found at the hospital.” Lance shook his head and watched her finish wrapping the bandage “But at what cost, this mission is fuckin bullshit.” 

The remains of the group soon made it back to the building and Arnbiorn stumbled to his feet. “Alright let’s get the fuck out of here” Mikey said as the group headed out of the back door of the government building and into the alleyway. Michael and Mikey led took point as they cleared out the alleyways, while Lance and Jeremiah covered the rear. They made it safely out of the town and cleared the outskirts of the town before moving back to camp.

[align=left]Entry 4: A week missing

Lance burst into the house and slammed the door behind him. The screams of Alex could still be heard from outside as Lance quickly dragged the nearest wardrobe across the doorway. Alex and Lance had been clearing out a small village west of Chernarus when they were ambushed by a horde of infected. Out of ammunition in their rifles the pair decided to split up and meet in the supermarket they had spotted on the way in, but Alex never made it.

A few hours earlier the pair had just dropped off a set of files and hard drives to the Icelandic boat named “Thule” and they were on the way back to regroup with the rest of Black Fox. Lance noticed the awkward looks he was getting by the small group of men still on the ship, they probably did not expect him to be covered in dirt and blood, but what Lance did not know was that this team had been ordered to leave the harbour for Iceland as soon as the files had been delivered. 

But this was the least of Lance’s worries currently. He fumbled around the house for a radio and managed to find one. “Holy fuckin shit” Lance grinned and quickly adjusted the frequency to 111.1 before broadcasting a message to the rest of the group. “GUYS… IT’S LANCE… ALEX IS FUCKING DEAD… WE MADE IT BACK TO THE BOAT BUT…. FUCK” The window smashed behind him and a couple of infected poured in. Lance quickly grabbed the FNX from its holster and quickly unloaded shots into them, aiming for the head. “I WILL FIND WHERE I AM AND CONTACT YOU” He was barely able to finish his sentence when the door behind him burst open and a large infected male grabbed his arm. Lance quickly shook him off before running across the room and climbing out of the open window.

He ran across the street and looked back, now finally able to see Alex’s fate. All Lance was able to see was a pool of blood as a group of infected gathered round it on the street, feasting on what remained of his friend. Lance raised his pistol in an attempt to clear them out but heard it click. With the realisation that he had no rounds left he quickly turned and ran into the forest, trying to get as much distance from the village as possible.

[align=left]Entry 5: A changed man

Lance decided to wander out of camp for the evening. The night was clear and the moon gave enough light for Lance to feel safe enough to take a trip down to the coast and patrol the nearby area. He nodded toward Andrew, who was alone organising the supplies in the tents, and headed off down the road. He only made it as far as the gas station down the hill when he heard Andrew on the radio.

“Lance… might need you up here, this isn’t lookin good”

“What… what are you on about?”

Lance waited for a few moments but got no response. He quickly turned and headed back up the hill, gripping his AK tight in his hands as he did. As he reached the top of the hill he peered over a rock and spotted a large group of people moving around in the opposite treeline. He grabbed his binoculars in one hand while keeping his rifle in the other and looked toward the group, and he was able to spot Andrew tied up.

“Fuck!” Lance took his rifle and aimed down toward them, but they were too far out and the trees blocked out the moonlight on the group. He grabbed his radio from his pocket and quickly tuned it to the frequency. “Andrew has been taken hostage, 7 plus guys moving up into the treeline near camp… I’m going after him”

He looked back toward where he last saw the group, but he could not see them. He waited for a moment and spotted one of the men running back in his direction, gun in hand and staring directly at him. Lance quickly turned and ran into the town, losing the guy in the housing district before heading up the hill to try and find his friend. He regrouped with Arthur and Mikey and cleared a few nearby towns before eventually spotting movement at a log cabin.

The group of 3 crouched down next to a bush and looked in with binoculars. “I count at least 3 in and around the cabin, and we got movement on the treeline to the right” Lance looked round and noticed one of the guys on over watch, sneaking around the treeline to the right of the cabin. “We need to be sure… cover me” without thinking Lance quickly took off his black armband and stuffed it into his pocket, before jumping out of the bush he was in and jogging down the road. 

An unknown voice then came to life over the radio “If you come any closer to the building, your friend dies” Lance froze in place, afraid to move in case he was gunned down by the group of people who now had him surrounded. He then spotted 3 people sprinting out of the back door of the log cabin and into the treeline. Lance gripped his AK and sprinted up to the log cabin, spotting Andrew lying on the ground in the back garage of the building. “Andrew is here, I’m going after them!” Lance called out over the radio before sprinting into the forest.

About 10 minutes past and Lance was convinced that they had lost the group of attackers. Andrew had woken up and he was speaking on the radio, telling the others that it wasn’t worth chasing after them. But Lance needed to find them, he still felt angry that he was unable to take the shot before and he used this anger to drive him as he sprinted through the forest.

“shit…” Lance muttered as he stopped in his tracks. A man was stood in front of him, only about 15 meters away from him, wearing a red beret and looking across the field with binoculars. Lance grabbed his radio and spoke softly into it “Andrew… got a guy here… red beret, black tracksuit lookin jacket… is this the guy?” his heartrate increased and his hands started sweating as he waited to hear back from Andrew. A few moments later he heard his voice on the radio “Yeah… that’s one of them” Lance didn’t think twice, he raised his rifle and took a deep breath before unloading into him. 

He saw him drop, but didn’t stick around to make sure he was dead, he turned and ran back into the forest. A few minutes later Lance spotted 2 more members of the group that tortured Andrew. He was given the confirmation by Andrew and he unloaded into them, as he turned and went to run he took a round to the leg and dropped to the ground.

Lance must have been unconscious for a good couple of hours, but he woke up to the sound of the car’s engine coming to a stop back at the camp. Mikey offered him a hand and Lance climbed out of the car before looking down at his leg. A blood soaked bandage was wrapped around his lower left leg, but he was alive. “Just a graze mate, you’ll be fine” Lance nodded and limped back toward the apartment building he had been staying in.

He managed to push himself up the stairs and he lay back in his bed. His mind was racing about what he had seen during the day. His mind flashed back to when he gunned down the first man, how he dropped to the ground as Lance pulled the trigger. He knew this wasn’t an infected he had killed, he had killed another human, and he was a murderer. He didn’t sleep much that night, he had changed.

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Great first part, excited to see this story grow larger as the group progresses. Keep this up Ryan

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Loving it, Especially how everyone's chat has their own colour, looks great, good read aswell

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Awesome stuff dude, can't wait for more!

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Just finished reading, great stuff here

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Looks amazing , cant wait to see all the ic devlopement!

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I like the setup with the picture and such. I might do that with my next story. Thanks man, I like it :)

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Nicely written, man. Looking forward for more!

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its aight i guess :troll:

Nice work man, can't wait to read more

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Ayyy it's lit! RyRy

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I am usually not a fan when people put color into their text, as it makes it harder to read sometimes. But I thoroughly enjoyed the way that you used it. Lets you know exactly what is being said, and it isn't obnoxiously offensive to my eyes, so +1 on that. 

And then there is the narrative itself, which I also quite enjoyed. Gave us a quick little appetizer on some things, and left me wanting a taste for the entree (can't make accent). But I really like this, please post more.

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OP Updated with Day 2

Thanks for the support so far guys, will keep this updated as much as possible! <3

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good, good, good

excited to see more, the internal RP is top

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That's my boy. Good read pal.

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OP Updated with entry 3

Going away for a week so this will be the last entry until I am back. As always thanks for the support I have had so far on this story

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Added Entry 4

Only a short one to explain why Lance was missing for the week, thanks for reading as always! :D

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Entry 5 added!

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Like wow , you deserve all my beans for the day ,

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