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Ryan... It's Lenny...[Extremely Private Frequency]

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*Lenny sit's up in his home in the North, having moved up there since the whole situation... He then looks up at Katie, his girlfriend and grins to her. He then walk's out of his home and walks up the mountin which he lives near... He then looks over the cliff and sits down on a bench... Where he then takes his glove off and looks at his engraving on all five of his fingers, saying the word " Pagan "  and sighs to himself, thinking about all of his brothers that he made in his time down south... He then looks at his radio and remembers the chat he had with Ryan, and realizes that the frequency is still tuned in... He then presses the PTT *

" Hey Rya.. "

* You would hear a female interrupting him in the background... And the PTT Button get's released... Katie would sit down next to him and listen into the conversation * 

" Hey Ryan... It's been a while pal... It really has... I know what happened at Camp Hope was a fucking mess, I'd of never done it if I knew what was going on at the time... You know how it was In The Pagan's... Brotherhood and all that, Mandatory and all that... Anyway, that's not why I'm talking to you, I still consider you as a friend. "

* You would hear a females voice whisper * " What happened " 

" Don't worry about it, anyway... How's my brother? Danny... That fuckin' kid.. I don't know why he came here... Came here to find me? Heard all type's of stuff... He's a part of Blackwood.. He's good friends with Coldwater.. Jesus, that kid made more friends than me... I was thinking of taking up here, to live with me and Katie.. But, hell with whatever that kid's been doing, there is no way he'd come back up here to live with me... " 

* You would hear the female saying *  " Bring him up here... You could look after him agai... "

* Lenny would switch off the PTT Button and tell Katie to go back inside *

" I've heard a lot about that fuckin' kid... Little Danny, all grown up... Fuck.. I remember when he was just a little kid, running around on his scooter and playing football... I was that big brother yano.. 

But I was that bad stereotype... 

I was that brother that would buy him the football boots, but never find the time to kick the ball around with him... I was that brother who would buy him all the thing's he would want, but I never had time to check him.. I'm suppose to go through everything that kid went through... 

That kid can handle himself though, It helps knowing that Blackwood and Coldwater are friends with him.. It really does... That kid's proved that to me, I know he wouldn't class me as his brother anymore... He wouldn't like what he would see..

* He would chuckle to himself, thinking about all the things he used to do *

" We grew up bad Ryan, we didn't have a lot... I always made sure that kid ate.. I always made sure he was wearing the right shoes, always made sure he was never picked on... I remember the day I saw our Dad, that fucker ran out from us when we were young... I nearly fucked him up that day, but because of Danny I didn't... 

*He would sigh* 

" Fuck it, I might as well tell you the full story... Then some big time head from Manchester holla'd at us and said that we should come and talk.. That guy dosen't realize how much he did for us... I started working for him..  Thing's started improving. I watched as that kid grew from 10 to 14... Then I left...

*He would run his hand down his face*

" How's he doin' Ryan..."

*Lenny releases the PTT Button*

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*Ryan sits in his house, cleaning his rifle on the table in front of him. He turns round to Elena and smiles at her, watching her for a moment as she busies herself cleaning the inside of the house. "Get some rest Elena, I will sort it out" he smiles at her again before going back to his rifle. The radio on his table then bursts to life with Lenny's message, he listens to it and sighs as he picks up the radio and holds the PTT*

Lenny... its been a while

*he rubs his eyes and stands up, deciding to start his message with something positive*

Danny is doing good mate, I spoke to him the other week and he is handling himself well with Blackwood. He always spoke highly of you Lenny, you should visit him at some point when you get the chance

*he looks at the cap on his table, the word "Leon" written on the side of it*

yeah.... but hes doing good mate, look... about your... brothers

*he looks back round to Elena, making sure she has left the room before continuing*

You know what happened right? They fucked her up, they beat her almost to death... my own wife Lenny. So you know what I did? I took Dustin, Joe and Arter and I beat them almost to death, I shot Dustin and left him bleeding out on a fuckin hill. Then I found Damien in a field with more of his brothers, we gunned them down and took Damien, beat him almost to death and threw him in an open grave...

*he sighs*

So if you fuckin hate me for what I did then fair enough, but they took my wife... and I made sure they regretted it

*he releases the PTT and walks over to the chair, sitting down on it heavily and leaning back. He keeps his radio in his hand and awaits a response*

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*As Lenny walks back to his home in the hills, he hears Ryan's message as he puts the radio to his ear, hearing about what happened to Elena and whispers to himself " What the fuck.. " Before reaching his front door. Lenny walks into the front room and looks at the walls around the home and says to Katie " You know, we should fucking paint this place.. " He then sits down on his armchair which he found in a scrap yard close by, then presses the PTT Button*

" The Pagan's... Still the same * He chuckles * I'm sorry to hear about your wife man... I would've of tried to stop them if I was there, I don't agree with hitting women n all dat... I mean, it's your wife... I can see why you did it.

*He would look over at Kaite and think about what would happen if he was in that situation*

" I'm not tryna yano, be fuckin' rude or ewt like... But I was kinda hoping to hear about Danny to be honest pal.... Like yano, what's he been up to? How'd his party go... Stuff like that, you get me?

*Lenny releases the PTT Button*

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*Ryan hears Danny's response and sighs. He takes a moment to think of a response before holding the PTT*

yeah... sorry mate just...

*he clears his throat*

don't worry about it... Danny's party, that was a long fuckin time ago now. It went will as far as I remember *he chuckles* but I don't remember much. He made a good number of friends when he left the Pagan's as well, I mean he was never really a part of them but ya know... when he put on that armband he seemed to get a lot of protection going with it

He er... met this girl that I'm pretty sure he liked. Fox, her name was... used to run with those renegades before becoming a "citizen of Blackwood" or whatever... Anyway he had a suit and everything, planned on asking her on a date as well *he chuckles* I tried to convince him to ask but... well hes still not the most confident lad

*he takes the hat from the table and looks at it, running his finger over the words "Leon"*

Seriously though mate... radio him and meet him. Avoid the Pagan's if you can, I don't really wanna be shooting at you. But he wants to see you, he needs to see his older brother really, hell... maybe you can give him the confidence to ask that Fox out on a date

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio into his back pocket. He keeps it on in case Lenny replies and puts on his cap before starting to pick up the empty beer bottles scattered on the floor*

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*After waking up from a nap in his bed, Lenny wakes up and Katie tells him about Ryan's response on the radio and he chuckles to himself, mainly about the thing with this Chick his brother's trying to pull... And the whole stuff about the armband and he grins to himself... Before picking up his radio and pressing PPT *

" Fuckin' hell.. Same ol' Danny... Bless him... Yeah, he was a shy kid... Always was... Sayin' that tho lad, it never stopped him... Never at all, his just like his big brother you get me "

*Katie would punch him in the arm after saying this, he would chuckle at the start of his sentence*

" I can't contact him anymore man, he's on bigger things now, from what I've heard like...

 I still feel bad though Ryan, I never used to check him when we lived back in Manny, fair enough I used to sort out the beef he had and all that but, never took the time out of my fuckin' day to ask him how his day was n all that... 

*He would sigh*

" From what people have been telling me though, he classes other people as his family now, my guy's got everything going for him now man.. What've I got? Katie and that's it, we wanted to get a dog but, we can't seem to find one... Ain't no pet shops out here man...  "

*He would remember the time he met Fox on the road*

" Oh shit, now I remember that Fox girl... Real shy like? Yeah man... He's still the same kid, My boy Danny, grown up.... Apparently he's got a mother now n all... Fuck... 

What happened to mum... 

You know anything about this? "

*Lenny would release the PTT* 

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*Ryan takes the radio out of his jeans pocket and listens to Lenny's reply before holding the PTT*

I'm afraid not mate, I never really asked him how he got into the country or what happened to your mother

Seriously though Lenny, radio the kid at least. Maybe he can talk to you about what happened, but i'm not gonna ask him myself. Not my business getting in personal shit like that

*he releases the PTT as Elena walks into the room, he smiles and speaks to her for a minute before going back to the radio*

Stay safe out there mate, might see you around some time

*he releases the PTT and takes the batteries out of the radio, standing up and placing it back on the table*

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