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The Black Fox Expeditionary Force [111.1Hz] [Private]

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Jeremiah tunes the radio to "111.1", the first number that popped up into his head whenever he was searching for a radio frequency to use to communicate with members of the expedition, as well as anyone outside of the group he wanted to communicate privately with. Finally, he and his crew had reached the region of South Zagoria, and the plan was to send in a scouting party to seek out potential bases of operation before bringing the entire team over. He had already informed the unit of the designated frequency, and he pressed down the PTT button, hoping everyone had switched to it.

"This is Jeremiah, transmitting to all members of Black Fox. I've designated a scout team including myself and a few others to enter the urban areas of South Zagoria to seek out a potential settlement location. It looks pretty good on the map, it's.."

Jeremiah releases the PTT to flip through the briefing document. He finds the map included in the packet of data and finds the coordinates to the location, then he presses down the PTT.

"Yeah, the coordinates are as follows: zero-six-one, zero-four-nine. Looks pretty solid, but we'll go and see for sure. After we reach the location, we will scope it out and see if it's a good fit, and we'll radio on this frequency and give you the go-ahead to come on down. Until then, wait at the highway camp and keep each other safe. If this place doesn't work out, there's a couple of other spots that I think could work.

He pauses.

I'm bringing Lance along with me, see if we can go talk to this doctor that I spoke to earlier on the radio. She has this frequency, so watch what you say about the file, yeah?

You look out for each-other. I'll be in contact when we reach the location."

He releases the PTT and hooks his radio back onto his hip, preparing himself for the unknown.

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*Atli rummages through the shelves of the house he's in, looking for supplies to further up the expedition. And for some personalized stuff for himself and Hera, he holds down the PTT button with shaking hands and begins to speak*

''Hey Neumann, As I said. I'll catch up with you, still have the compass and the map.''

*He unfolds the map and scratches his head, with an unsure voice he continues speaking*

''I shouldn't get lost.''

*A slight pause*

''Well I hope , I can catch up to you in three or two days''

*He releases the PTT button , folding the map back placing it in the backpack, slinging it on his back as he walks out the door*

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Michael would slow his march to a halt, before lifting the radio to head-level, scanning the morning horizon as he spoke.

"This is Michael, copied your last. I'll keep an eye on everyone. Good luck Jeremiah. Be seeing you soon, out."

Michael approached what appeared to be a deer carcass next to the road, releasing the PTT key on the handheld radio.

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*Lance stumbles up the hill, muttering to himself "I'll just check over this ridge... fuckin stupid idea that was" he takes out his radio and continues walking up the hill while holding the PTT*

Yeah I will catch up in a bit Jerm.. fuck

*he untangles his ankle, which had been caught in the foliage before continuing*

Stay safe the rest of ya... I'll try and get this fuckin wound sorted

*he mutters*

Fuckin Joe... cunt

*he releases the PTT and continues up the hill, keeping his pistol in one hand while clutching the side of his torso with his other*

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*Andrew sits on an appartment complex, enjoying the view as he hears the transmission. After a few minutes he grabs his radio and holds down the PTT button*

"Hey boys, glad to hear from ya! Andy here. Uhm... wait, gimme a sec here..."

*He briefly lets go of the PTT button to unfold his map*

"Allright so, I should be arouuuuund that place so... mhm yeeaaaaah seems ok. Yep, I'll catch up with you gents in a few hours. Shouldn't take too long. I'll see ya on the highway in a bit! Stay safe for now."

*Andrew lets go of the PTT button and packs both his radio and his map back into his vest*

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*Hera stops to rest taking a seat on a large boulder she pulls out her radio and presses the PTT, sounding out of breath she speaks into it* 

"Hera here, i'm on my way" 

*She stops, taking a few moments to steady her breathing* 

"There's nothing but bloody tree's and hills and more tree's in this godforsaken country"

*She takes a swig from her canteen* 

"I'll try to make it on time but no promises, over."

*She puts the radio into her pocket and stands up, continuing her uphill trek* 

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*Öxel hears the crew's voice while runing away from the infected , he finds a house and locks the door with a chair and then presses  the PTT*

*Heavy breathing*

*Infected and loud door banging can be heard in the backround*


*he proceeds to say in a worried and paniced tone*

 Guys....its me Adam i am kinda lost and stuck in a fucking house right now

*short pause*

these fucking things! they are everywhere man everywhere! they are worst than i imagined.

*tries catching breath*

I found a map.. i am trying to pin-point my location......start moving without me i will try and catch up once i figure out my way to you and gather enough supplies to travel

*He releases the PTT but quickly presses it back again as he forgot to say something*

And if anyone know an efficient way to take down these fucks of infected please tell me...OVER

*He releases the PTT and proceds to go around the house securing it*

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*Flicks on his radio and presses down his PTT.*

"Aye.......the infected fecks are the only signs of life I've seen so far to be fair, but anyways best way to kill em is givin' them a good knock in the 'ed, seems to work for me wi' me trusty bat."

*He pauses for a moment, muffling a slight chuckle.*

"Oh and uhhhhh, I forgot to mention der by the way, I'll meet up wit yee in a bit lads, be some crack hopefully, see ye's soon, take care now."

*He releases his PTT, listening silently for responses.*

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*The PTT is pressed*

"Shit Adam. Why aren't you at camp?"

*Sam begins scrambling over rocks towards the highway*

"Okay okay, think. I know this place. I was here with the wife and kids not long back... fuck, remember which way you turned off the road? How far down-"

*Sam runs his fingers through his hair, stopping at the road to think*

"I marked out possible kill zones. I specifically pointed out areas that had high population density. Even areas around here. The sick people, don't let them get near you. Fuck. Err, I'll circle back round to a hamlet that I know- see if that's where Adam is, guys."

"I've got some possible locations of interest, rendez-vous points and such- but that can wait. Over."

*The PTT is released as Sam rushes into the woodland, gripping his pistol*

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*Bernard listens to the transmission and slowly raises the PTT*

"Copy that, en route to camp now."

*he pauses*

"Someone hunt me some fresh game for tonight please"

*he releases the PTT*

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*Öxull Hears Sam's voice and presses the PTT*

Hey sam i saw a group of people taking some dude i followed them untill they took him in the woods , i heard screaming and gunshots then i just ran off and got myself into this shitty town full of dead walking people 

*His tones goes from worried to sarcastic*

i'm off to a great start aint i ? 


dont get yourself hurt looking for me , or at least wait till i pin point my location before you start moving


*He releases the PTT and continues to place markers on the map he found*

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*Brandon tunes into the frequency at the last minute*

Glad everyone is safe but I've run into some detours. These infected are everywhere so watch out for them. Unfortunately I will be unable to showup at the meet point but I will secure the rendevous point and see you there*

*lets go of the ptt and pulls up his balaclava*

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*Lance sits up against a tree, taking out his map and radio. He examines it carefully as he presses the PTT*

Its er... Lance, I've run into some navigation issues

*he points out a town on his map and tries to pronounce it*

Ean... eampy ahoe... what... fuck it

Yeah I'm gonna need to figure out where the fuck I am, stupid fuckin map must be printed wrong or something

*he taps his fingers on the side of the radio*

Also just a heads up, those "sick people" can fucking run... like fast

Saw a couple of them chasing a deer earlier, watch yourselves lads... avoid those fuckers

*he releases the PTT for a moment before remembering what he forgot, he holds it again*

Shit er... Over

*he releases the PTT and stumbles up, checking the field ahead of him with his binoculars*

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*Mikey holds the PTT*

"Eyy fam, I'm on site, waitin' for your arrival

Mikey Out..."

*He releases the PTT and sits down on the road*

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*Atli leans his backpack against a tree , as he pulls out a radio from his pocket, looking down hill , he holds down the PTT button*

''I... uhh.. don't think I'm far away?.. I don't know to be honest''

*He unfolds a map, rotating it on all sides*

''I should be there in um.... one hour?''

*He releases the PTT button, turns the radio off as he drops it in his backpack , slinging on his back , still rotating the map as he ventures onward*

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*The PTT is pressed*

"Heard ya loud and clear, Atli. We'll be here waiting, just-... Watch your corners, alright? The sick people... the Biters... They'll really go for ya."

*Sam released the PTT*

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*Hera hears Atli's voice on her radio, she picks it up and presses the PTT*

"Atli? How is your trip going love? Do you have enough food? Water? Have the infected given you trouble? Are you safe? If you need me to pick you up let me know, get here safe alright, i love you."

*She looks at the radio as if wanting to say more but decides to release the button and wait for his response*

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Baldur Pics up his radio after a long walk in the area of the new camp. An heavy scandinavian accent can be heard.

*guys the camp. It ...It could really work. It's really hidden in a such open area. Hard to see. There are several smaller towns nearby. From the radio tower we can se houses out in the distance. Hopefully no one owns this spot too. *he laughs * well I'm gonna be on my way taking pictures and start document what's around us. I see you at the camp again. Don't worry I've my guns with me. And I've been in worse situations. Thanks for finding the camera parts by the way. It makes it a lot easier to work.

He releases the ptt. He pics up his backpack. He then hangs his camera around his neck walking away from the camp to the nearest town.

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*Lance is woken up in his tent by Baldur talking on the radio. He reaches over at grabs the radio from the opposite side of his tent before holding the PTT*

Baldur you fuckin idiot... BUDDY SYSTEM... it's in place for a reason ya know, need to have someone watching your back while your "documenting"

*he pauses for a moment*

And before you ask... No... I'm staying in bed for a couple more hours


*he releases the PTT and drops the radio back to his side before closing his eyes again*

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Baldur reacts to the new message and presses down the ptt

*lance relax man. What can go wrong. I'm staying away from the walkers and bigger towns. I'm in a distance taking pictures. And if I see people I stay away from them until I've got you guys around. I've taken the most important safety measures.il be bac shortly*

He keeps walking into a nearby town he spotted in the distance. Looking trough the camera he can't see any danger. He puts his radio in his best pocket

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*As Andrew hears the transmission, he picks up his radio and holds down the PTT button*

"Still doesn't change anything about how you left ALONE without anyone to back you up if shit does hit the fan. Ugh, whatever I guess... if you wanna get yourself killed out that's up to you..."

*Just as Andrew was about to put the radio back into his pocket, he briefly holds down the PTT button once more*

"And don't forget to bring me some more brown shoe polish! That one can wasn't enouth"

*Andrew puts his radio back into his pocket and takes a swig from that bottle he found*

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Tyler stops along the road he had been walking on for a while, He unclips the radio from his belt.

He presses the PTT

Hey uuuh, the fuck did you's guys say you's was at? 

I don't know where the hell I found myself. 

Me and Jay got a little split up, I'm not sure where he went off to.

I'm not in the best of shape if I'm honest...

We should have gone together like I fuckin' said, but whatever... hindsight really is 20/20 ay.

Tyler takes a seat against a tree next to the road and winces from the pain of the scratch he received on his left thigh.

One of those fuckin runna's got me pretty good

I'll need some patchin' up..

Tyler's strength gives out as his finger releases the PTT.

Just a little nap..

He passes out against the tree.

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*Mikey holds down his PTT*

"Tyler, you know anywhere about where you are? Any nearby town names?

We may be able to come get you if you tell us roughly where you are...

*He releases the PTT and unzips the tent, crawling out of it and walking, while waiting for a reply. After a few minutes pass and he gets no reply, he begins to worry. He mutters "Shit, can't be losing no one this early" Before holding the PTT down again

"Tyler... Tyler, respond...

TYLER... Where the fuck are you man!"

*He tucks the radio into his jacket and runs over to the house, stepping inside and calling "Jeremiah, We need to get a search party up! Think Tyler is in some deep shit" He sits down at the table, pulls out his map and begins to study it, looking for places Tyler may have stumbled upon making his way to the camp*

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Tyler is awoken by Mikey's yelling over the radio, he groans.

Tyler picks up his radio and presses the PTT

" Jeez relax kid, I'll be alright, like I says it's just a scratch. 

"Where are yous guys at now, I'll head that way.

I'm pretty sure I'm close by. "

Tyler releases the PTT and groans again from the pain of the scratch.

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*Lance takes the radio from his belt and holds the PTT*

If you cross referenced your map correctly at the boat, we are currently using FOB Sierra

Not broadcasting the coordinates over radio, try not to get yourself killed Tyler


*he releases the PTT and puts the radio back on his belt*

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