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Koala Kozak

Kozak's Reminiscence

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I'm new to Writing Stories on DayZRP, I'm used to creative writing and writing my own little stories on websites etc (they're usually pretty rude), but i've never thought about taking my experience to DayZRP. So here is my first attempt at telling a story, this happened In game, and it might not be 100% accurate, but it will at least follow what happened, i don't know haha. I've decided to share my experiences, in this kind of format, due to Razerath, inspiring me to Write and share this. So here it is:

Part I

Kozak sat by his friends Campsite, knowing they'd be still fast asleep, he gently laid back onto the damp grass below him, and looked up into the stars above. It was a beautiful night, the campfire in front of him was as dim as a candle, and the night was ever so silent, the only thing to be heard was the gentle sway of the wind against the trees in the Forest, and the rustling of the bushes. Kozak slowly Reached into his bag for his Journal, he grasped it and pulled it out, staring at it's old and rough cover, He opened it and saw the title "Day 0" Tears began to form in his eyes, but he fought hard to contain them, and continued on to a new page towards the end of the journal, He began to write; 

"It's currently the 19th of October 2016, can you believe it? It's been so long,  And yet where are we? nowhere..."

 At that Kozak's fist clenched, angered by the situation. "Throughout the time of the Infection, I've come to meet Really good people, and I've seen so many things, so much murder, so much evil... But enough of that, although not a single person on earth will ever be able to see this, i guess it's more for myself. Anyways... I remember on the 8th of September this year, i had a really good friend, we survived a raid from the masquerade on Devils castle a few days earlier, at the expense of our good friend we came to know, Paul. we should have stayed... But anyway, We were in the Forests getting as far away as possible from that Castle, until my friend, what was his name... It's better to leave it unspoken, Had felt ill, something he ate perhaps? I don't know, all i know is that him and I had sat by a deep pond, he was sweating while in cool water, he was outright fucked, It was one of the worst things i'd seen, he stood, telling me something was really wrong, and then collapsed into the water, sinking a metre or so, i had dived into the water, and grabbed him, but all the things i had on my back, were holding me down, i had to take off my bag, vest, everything, and i had to unclip his too, by the time he was out and on the grass, he had no pulse, he was dead to the world, i couldn't take it, i sat there, for a long time, i just sat there, i hadn't cried in so long previous, it was like reliving a nightmare over and over again, I was empty that day, We survived a lot together, but i guess life has plans for us, and it wasn't my time yet i suppose, It still isn't. 

So, i decided to just pick a direction, and walk through the woods, it was insane, all i had was the clothes on my back and a rifle full of water, that was quite the day, anyways, after walking for an hour, i stumbled across a campsite, i was really surprised at that, i wondered to myself, who the hell would be out here? but i guess it's better than being close to civilization. I had gone up to the tents, and got lots of food and water, as well as warm, dry clothes, but before i left, i saw a man come towards the camp, guilt came over me like a wave, i had thought the place was empty, but at that thought, more people came, i was scared, but instead of running away i came straight towards them, they seemed so shocked... Until they threw me to the ground with all their weapons aimed at my head. I was declared a thief, and i could tell that one of them really wanted me dead, i could see it in her eyes. A teen, an ordinary person, that young, had wanted to kill me, It just seemed so Terrible that a teen would feel that way, would act that way...

i guess they had every right to Kill me though, I'm glad they didn't...

Anyway, I was escorted to their home, and i was pretty scared when they had my rifle all cleaned up and in the hands of that woman... she was questioning me, it was scary at first but then she became nicer to me, understanding that i wasn't just some bastard who already had supplies to stay alive. Although she had told her friends to leave, so i was getting scared again, but the strangest thing happened, she placed the rifle on the table and slowly slid it towards me, like she wanted me to grab it, it was insane, i didn't though, i didn't want to kill these people... They had learnt what happened to my friend, they knew a bit about me, and they were ready to let me go, although After a little while, i decided i would go with them instead, we camped out into the woods that night, and i finally felt at home, i hadn't felt that way in a long time, I asked them who they were, and they told me, they were the Seekers...

Kozak flicked over the page and began to write again.

"Recently i had met up with an old friend, he was basically Family, his name was Axel Rike, or as most knew him, Chief. He is a great man, he helped me through so much, i shouldn't have abandoned him, it was selfish. Anyway, i found him again, coincidentally, he hit me with his car, and his family dragged me inside the car with a broken ankle, and then brought me to their camp, it was crazy, but in the end, the outcome was that i had found my friend, i felt unwanted, so as soon as my leg healed up a little bit, i decided that i was leaving, i don't know how i did it, i hope i see them again soon.

I don't know why i'm writing all of this, it's not really like it matters anyway, I haven't wrote in a long time, i stopped when i came to Green Mountain for the first time, almost 2 years ago..."

Kozak closed his journal and sat up, noticing the fire wasn't lit anymore, the sun had start to come up, and he could hear the others waking up, it would be a long day today...

"Reporter Kozak!!!" Said Willem happily, not noticing the Journal sliding back into his bag, he continued; "Are you ready for some breakfast? Although you're not getting any sausage sizzles this morning, I don't think i want to cut mine off."

Kozak sighed and said "Will, how many times do i have to say this, a sausage sizzle is a barbecued sausage for fucks sake! Not what you're thinking!"

"Oh shush Reporter Kozak, you'll wake up Kate, and we all know what sausage sizzle means for you..."

My life with the disbanded Seekers huh?

Well that's basically it, sorry if it was shit or anything, it's more for friends and people who experienced it to read it i guess, i don't know, i just felt like sharing my experiences, i might do more, not sure though, thanks for reading this, i would link another work of mine but i'm scared that i'd get nuked for even breathing it's name ;;) (Plus i couldn't just shamelessly advertise my novel could i??? haha).

But seriously, Thankyou for reading!

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