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A Message tp L.I.F.E. (Private Frequency)

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*Hunter picks up his radio and holds down the PPT*

"Anyone to L.I.F.E. that can hear this, I have many supplies for you guys. Please reply back to a location to you guys so I can drop these off to you guys. My name is Hunter....Hunter Payne, I only wish to help your cause in this world of hell."

*Hunter puts his radio back in his pocket*

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Hope smiles somewhat, acknowledging people where still there to help in another dark time for her guys.

"This is Dr. Pisces, we can hear you. We are based at Camp Hope but we advise people not to stay there or go there for a while; many hostilities have taken place and we would like the camp to remain a neutral ground though bandits have been getting many people from the area. If you would like to come and meet with me or one of my staff we would be more than happy to set a place and time."

She awaits a response.

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