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Blackwood [Private]

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*Fox looks down at her left arm where Jackson carved his initials in her skin. A bandage is wrapped around it, the alcohol Victor put on it has dried out and the bandage already looks worn out and starts getting loose. She takes a deep breath, reflecting everything that happened over the past couple of days. She thinks about the Clowns, Austin, Kelsie, Victor and some other people she has met the past couple days. She starts fiddling around in her backpack and pulls out her radio, setting it to the frequency Blackwood is using to communicate within the group. She takes another deep breath, her hands start shaking after she gets reminded of what Victor has told her. She hesitates for a second but eventually presses down the PTT*

Hey, it's Fox.

*She takes a deep breath, uncertain if she should continue, but realises it's too late to go back now*

I had a lot of time to think about things. And the past couple days made things clearer to me.

I love everyone in the group. You are my friends. But family is stronger than friends.

*She sighs*

I could never see my family as enemies. It's fine if Reese can, but I just.. can't.

I would just try and stop you from doing things I wouldn't like. So it's better I leave.

I have made friends that Blackwood don't like. Friends that helped me out when I needed help. Friends that wouldn't attack me just because I am with their enemy.

*She pauses for a second, readjusting her bandage*

They don't see me as an enemy. And I won't see anyone as enemy that hasn't done anything to me.

*She sighs*

Infact we let someone in the group that tried to hurt me. And my family. And I still don't know why we did that.

*She takes out her Waterbottle and takes a sip out of it before continuing*

I won't try to cause any trouble but I can't stand for something I don't believe in, so I will move on.

I am greatful that I met Blackwood and I made great friends. If you need anything, you know where to find me.

*She releases the PTT and takes a deep breath again when she realises that she forgot one thing. She presses down the PTT once more*

Oh, and.. I refuse to leave in a body bag.

*She releases the PTT and puts the radio back in her bag, her hands still shaking, she picks up her gun and walks down the hill towards the town where a group of people is waiting for her*

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Calvin stares at the grave, seeing the tombstones of Lucas Hicks and Niko Holiday side-by-side. Niko's being freshly dug, the topsoil damp as a the clouds let down a small drizzle. The sounds of water droplets slapping the ground sound off around him, yet he sits there staring, radio in his left hand, clutching the receiver of his rifle with his right.

The radio broadcast goes off from her end, squawking from his radio and before long he pulls up the radio to his mouth and presses down the PTT button. 

"I believed you could change, you would change. Funny, believed I could have trusted you."

"You said you would, you promised."

"You looked me dead in the eye and said so... You lied."

His green eyes scan Niko's gravestone, tracing the word, Ranger, engraved on the wooden plank. The rain around him increasing to a steady shower that would fill the still transmitting PTT. His words soon after sounded devoid of emotion, despite carrying the husk of his Irish accent.

"You broke that trust."

"You showed me exactly how much your 'friends'  mean to you."

"Niko, Hicks."

"Ryan, Sonny, Kodiak, Reese... Me."

"I've nothin' left to say to you."

Calvin releases the button of his PTT and slips it in his magazine pouch on his left side, bringing his rifle up to his front and cradling it in his arms as he walks from the two graves off into the forest.

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:: Dominik picks up his radio after hearing the broadcast ::

"Perhaps I'll just expand on what your mentor just said. Two of ours are in the ground... One of which is not even in a single piece. Both, for stupid reasons. I'm not sure of your friends before this or the ones you've made, but it sounds like you're picking the people trying to kill us."

"But oh, you couldn't possibly deal with us not liking certain people. I'm guessing you'll just standby and watch the next time they off one of your 'friends' with no guilt on your shoulders. Or maybe they'll ask you to do it for them? Wouldn't that be just delightful."

"Now, I personally don't have any real strong feelings either way. I think some of us could've seen this coming. I wouldn't worry about no bodybag. I'm not looking to collect, the others who knows. But you think real long about this girl, you just weighed our lives, and picked someone else's over them. No point in lying kindly when you know which ones matter more to you."

"To the hard decisions we all make."

:: The transmission fades out to static ::

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*Danny wake's up in his room and hear's Fox's radio transmission, he then stand's up and looks into his closet and looks at the suit and tie he had picked out and sighs to himself. After getting dressed he walks out of Gusty's pub and walks down to the bus station and sits on the roof of the station. He would then pull out his radio and think long and hard about he was going to say... Then presses the PTT Button* 

" I.. Wha... Fuck... *He would whisper under his breath* No fucking way.. "

*Danny realizes that he can't say what he wants to say.. And this is clearly understood due to the tone of his voice.. and stop's himself. After hearing all the transmission's on the radio, he realizes that this is going to make his life hell... Danny doesn't realise that the PTT Button is still switched on*

" Why her.. Why fucking her.." 

*He then let's a few shot's off and heads back to Lop, ready to meet Jake*

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*Kanen listens to everything that everyone said on the radio and waits for the opportunity to jump in and speaks his mind*


This wasn't much of a shock really and I think if anyone used there head we could of seen this coming. I wish you the best of luck in the future Fox, you was a good friend and I'll keep seeing it that way. I thank you for all your help and advice you've gave me in the past and I wish you the best in your future plans.

*Kanen pauses for a short while thinking of what he wanted to say*

I dont really have much to say as I only briefly knew you for a short time. I see a good kid in you stay strong and don't let other people influence you into doing anything wrong. Be yourself and no one else's puppet. Anyways Im out.

*Kanen puts down his radio and weapon on a table and leaves his house in Lopatino. With a can of peaches in one hand and some beans in the other he makes his way down towards the refuge to visit his old pal Hicks. He Mutters to himself on the way down*

If they think im going to stop a little girl from leaving they have the wrong idea completely

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