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Story of Ordinary

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Ordinary. Yes, just like me and you. Eat. Slumber. Prosper. Nothing stops you from getting your desired goals. Something that makes us different? Character. Character tells what is unique. This is the story of Ordinary. 

The grass. tall and luxurious. Sways in the migrating air. The hand is resting on mud from an earlier storm. Eyes are closed with fear and hate, like anyone else. All had the robberies, the loss, the fear of loss. All had the desire for more. The eyes opened with liquids swelling under the lids. A sigh was let out, and the body sat up. The wind was heard through the leaves. Standing up was the next step to Ordinary. Walking through the mud, it clamped to the shoes and kept a strong grip. Splat sounds were heard as steps were made. The winds silenced for moments before starting again. The hand slid across the white bark as to keep moving. The tree line was reached. In front were fields of grass. Just the Ordinary. Stepping through the small jungles, there were sounds of intelligent life. Speaking clearly with tongue rubs. Though different languages, English was spoken. Just the Ordinary. There was buzzing from inside a purple bag, probably a radio. Everyone has one. The Ordinary moves closer to find 2 standing side to side talking to each individual. Moving closer noticing the Ordinary seeming to be... lacking. 

Almost approaching, one male speaks clear with gratitude. Something Ordinary. Hello, how do you do. Greetings, fellow life form. A female, seeming to have a red line running horizontal through the chin, puts a hand up. Indication of to stop speaking. She seems to be different. Female speaks with a high tone to in front. Good morning. Is there something you want? The head looks up. Awfully confusing. Male speaks again. Excuse my inability. I am in training. Soon with the other Ordinary. Training was spoken. Training to kill, maybe. To rob. To torture. Soon would be found. Female spoke again. Not, "Excuse my inability," but, "I am sorry." Anyways, hello. My name is Maria, head of th-. Male spoke once more. I can say, Ordi... Maria. We lead the Deforbatorials. Group of trainers slash trainees to... well... yes. The hand scratched the head. Nothing heard of a Deforbatorial. Maybe torture would get answers out. Maybe death of a loved. Or just initiation. Female spoke. Maybe... should come with us. Could be helpful. Male spoke back. I agree on a full level. Should be taken with us. The legs started moving back and forth following the two people. The wind had stopped. Only a slight breeze could be felt on the flesh. The two unknown walked in front. The head looked back and forth for a right moment. No one watching, nothing watching. Not likely, all was walking through forest and field. The gun was raised and those turned around. Both put hands up. Fear not being seen. The gun directed them to the ground with a hit to the head. 

Bumps appear to the top of the head. Male wakes up, and then Maria. Fingers were getting tired of holding such a firearm up at two people. Blood rushed to the fingers and they swelled up. The gun went to the side. Maria spoke with a tone that was not scared... but protective. We can help you! Let us show you the way to happiness! Happiness? How could there be such thing in this world? Nodding, Male spoke. I agreed to. All should agree. Training can make it better! The eyes looked around with guilt, but the guard was not yet retired. The breath was held of the two, waiting for a response. Time moved slower. Nails clicked to the metal. The feeling of Ordinary was strong. The feeling of wanting other's death was very strong. Resist was needed. Maria thinks that. It seems Male has gotten past it. Why can't... why can't... the Ordinary. The head nodded and the grip was released. The gun dropped to the ground. The impact of the gun made a thud. Maria sighed and stood on feet. A hand reached out for the male to grab. Male was helped up. Male spoke. You should proceed... I mean come... with us. We can show you the way. The Ordinary obeyed and all kept moving forward. 

After time of walk, a large barn was reached. The wind was picking up. Grass turned to dry dirt. The barn smelled of death, just the Ordinary. There was a small blue tent in a corner. It had rips. Puddles of brown water guarded the ground beneath. Maria spoke. Welcoming the new Deforbatorial! As you may see, there is no weaponry, no poison, no real death. You should rest. We will get to training tomorrow. Again with training, The term of broad meaning. Hesitating, the one Ordinary moved closer to the blue tent. It was cleaner than most Ordinary things. Other than the rips. The foot of dry mud stepped into the small tent. It was warmer inside. No wind. The sound of talking echoed through the structure. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is training.

The eyes opened to Maria's face up close. Maria spoke. Wakey wakey! It is time for training! Get up and come to the barn doors! The thought of robbery and torture filled the mind. The wind still. Dirt left a drawing of the Ordinary on the ground. The hand reached to pull the door open through the tent. It opened. The feet stepped to the directed doors. They waited outside. When out was reached, Male spoke. I have been working for a couple of weeks. My new name has come, do you want to hear? It is Benjamin. I quite... really... like it. I feel like this Ordinary person should receive a new, good name. One to bring character. Maria nodded and thought. The wind picked up. Maria spoke with happiness. Your name? I think your name should be Zack. How about that? Zack... a different name that seemed to be... not Ordinary. It was liked.

Training began almost immediately as to not disrupt the waking of nature around, as well as infected or other people. Maria spoke beside Benjamin. "Training starts now. Firstly, Zack, we will be training all around this area. There is a town nearby, as well as a forest. Infected roam in both areas. You probably have been wondering what the training will be. It is to get out of the shell that has been created. To form a new life of... well... being different from the rest. Having character. Shall we begin?

part 2 soon.

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What's the song you used for this? It's very nice and upbeat and doesn't fit the narrative too well. But that's what gives it a surreal vibe. Good job bud :)

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[align=left]Training began with surprise. There were no guns, no knifes, no nothing. It seemed to be very out of the Ordinary. Maria stood with pride on top of a rounded rock on the side of a small hill. Wind on the rock was moderate. "Zack, this is our first training session. You must realize the different. Tell me, what is different about this rock?" Maria tapped her foot to the rock. Benjamin stood to her side studying the rock as well. The hand scratched the top of the head in thought. A lot of things seemed to be different. The wind was a different temperature. It seemed to glisten with a white substance. It was a bit too round. "Zack" didn't speak because of all of the options that could be stated. The thoughts of initiation were still in the mind. Growing impatient, Benjamin spoke. "Doesn't look like you are much of a speaker... I mean talker..." He looked at Maria for approval. She gave a nod, and Benjamin continued. "Lets move on for now. We will arrive back to this shortly." Maria rolled her eyes and gave a slap to the back of Benjamin's head. "Darn Benjamin, it's We will get back to this soon! Not that other crap! Don't be so wordy." Benjamin rubbed the back of his head because of the pain. He looked down at the rock below and gave a sorry. The wind began to pick up more.

[align=left]"All right, guys. Let's move on to some... easier stuff and things. Uh, Benjamin, would you lead Zack to the to the ledge for me please?" Benjamin nodded his head and grabbed Zack's back. The hand slapped it away, and adjusted the shirt. They began walking to the ledge. The wind was starting to cool and sharpen. "So Ordina- I mean Zack, how did you manage to arrive in Chernarus? Were you already here? Please explain." There was silence from "Zack" as the feet kept moving. There were light crunches from leaves as they stepped. Benjamin stared at the new Deforbatorial. The thoughts were rushing through and then disappeared. The only things that stayed were ones of torture. It could be gotten away with. Maria wasn't anywhere near. He had no weapon's though. The thoughts were pushed away. "Ok then. You don't like talking. I get it completely. A bit shy maybe. Anyway, let's move a bit faster to not disrupt the wandering." Benjamin started to jog, and the other followed. After minutes, they had reached it. The ledge. It was a cliff descending 70 meters. Benjamin walked to the ledge and sat. His feet dangled over and swung back and forth. His hands rested behind to hold his back up. The wind... it was not to be found. He patted his hand to the dirt wanting Zack to sit with him. 

The Deforbatorial obeyed and sat down. He could be pushed off... simple push. A touch to the back. That's all it took. Benjamin wasn't paying attention. One... shove... that was all. The head was shook to dispose of the thoughts. "What do you see, Zack. What stands out to you?" Benjamin didn't really want an answer, just for a thought. Stands out? Yellow trees. Some tall grass. Nothing out of the Ordinary. "You may think there is nothing, but just look closer." Benjamin stared out in awe. He could push. A little push. Nothing too bad. Just the pain and death of falling. Suddenly it had happened. The Ordinary pushed Male. Pushed him hard. The wind picked up significantly. There was a scream in terror that got quiet the further he fell. What had he done... no... no... It can't be. The Deforbatorial put his hands on his head and opened his mouth. The eyes went wide. "BENJAMIN! NO!" Zack turned to see Maria covering her mouth with tears running down her face. "YOU BITCH! YOU WILL BE SORRY..." Suddenly she ran up and punched Zack right in the nose. The hands were dangled in front of the eyes as Zack fell. There was a thud as the head slammed to the ground. Blackness came after.

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