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Hey Damien... (Private Frequency)

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*Aspen looks out from his campfire, suddenly remembering his run-in with Damien earlier. He picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT button*

Hey Damien, I know you had some issues with the clowns earlier today. I told you to hide in the woods. Did you make it? Are you okay? Let me know man. 

*Aspen takes a breath, and gets a little more serious now*

And if you see any clowns, fucking run man. Stay safe and don't do anything stupid. 

*Aspen releases the button, taking a deep breath before pulling out a joint and lighting it up*

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*Damien picks up the radio after recognising the voice and decides to respond*

*Holds down the PTT*

"They found me again! Tracking me down through the woods! I had to do it again! I didn't mean to kill him. I ran for it and took some shots and got a few flesh wounds but I am okay. I won't forget how you helped me buddy! You stay safe too!"

*Damien releases the PTT and tends to the wounds he has recently acquired*

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