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Mr. night

The Liberation [Strict IG Recruitment]

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In a world where moral values and ethical views are no longer cherished and when everyday they are questioned, someone has to be the hammer and lay down justice. This isn't your white knight type of justice, this is cruel justice, a necessary evil. We have to push back harder against those who do not have standards anymore. We give people a meaning, a cause, something worth fighting for. The world has to be taken back, we are here to pave a new road. The only way is our way because we have all been through the shit and mud of the world, and we believe in a free world. In the end all we have is our humanity, our ideas will prevail and will never die and we sure as hell won't take no for an answer.  

[spoiler=Night] Felix Night struggled to open his eyes they were heavy, the ground was cold it must've rained he thought, he sat up and rubbed his eyes his fingers wandered to his scar, it ran from the top of his right eye to the bottom left corner of his mouth. He thought about how he got it and he wished his brother was with him, he forced himself to forget about it. He got out of his tent and thought about going to Cherno it wasn't that far and he was running low on supplies anyways. He felt the cold breeze against his face, birds chirping quietly it was calm here, but only here, he grabbed his bag and slung his rifle over his shoulder. He walked towards the city as he felt the branches and leaves crunch under his boot, for Felix now days seemed long and nights seemed short there wasn't much comfort in this world anymore.

The fog was everywhere it was dense and Felix could barely see what was down the road, he needed some food and he still hadn't eaten since he woke up. The only sound that broke the silence of the town was the wind howling, he thought to himself it always cold here, he was feeling lucky as he hadn't dealt with any Roamers yet and hoped it stayed that way. As he approached the high school that was in the city he noticed the walls and street outside were stained maroon, old dried blood he thought. He started walking to the building and suddenly felt a hand grab at his back, he turned around quickly and saw a man with blood all over his face, his eyes were white, and he smelled bad. In shock Felix fell backwards with the thing on top of him, it snarled and growled, Felix held it back with one hand as he frantically reached for his machete, he then jabbed the machete under it's chin. He flinched as blood splattered onto his face, he pushed the body aside and was breathing heavily still laying on the ground, he felt sick it was something he had never done and it felt wrong. Something nudged his shoulder, he looked over and saw two men wearing masks looking down at him with guns raised. One man spoke in a muffled voice "Alright get your ass up and drop your shit or we will kill you and take it anyways" Felix in a shaky voice said "Okay, okay I'm getting up just don't shoot you don't have to do that" He looked at the two men in front of him, "What are you waiting for we gave you simple instructions hur--" , the man stopped talking as a crackle was heard he fell to the ground almost immediately, the other man looked around his eyes wide as two more crackles was heard he dropped too, he died choking on his blood. Felix looked at the two bodies in shock pools of blood were already forming, he then saw a figure moving towards him, "You don't have to worry I'm not gonna hurt you, those guys deserved that they already killed two other guys before, anyways let's get outta here there's more of them and I don't wanna get fucked up"

"Dinner's ready, I made beans and bacon, I hope you guys do know I tried my best" , Felix came out of his tent and saw Dex near the fire, as well as Michael and Nick, after Dex Day had saved him he took him back to their camp and introduced him to his buddies it had been a good four months so far and they were surviving just fine. "Felix you seem to be the most active during the night, I guess that's why its your name" said Michael, Nick chuckled as he poked the fire with his stick, "Careful now we don't want you catching flame" said Dex while smiling, "I'm careful don't worry" Nick grinned. Felix grabbed a can of beans from Dex and sat down, "So what's the plan for tomorrow?" , Nick said with a mouth full of food "I heard of a place called Green Mountain, I heard the people there are friendly enough" , Dex raised his eyebrow "Friendly enough?" , "Well the people there are traders and I doubt they mean any harm" Nick replied, "Even if they don't mean harm doesn't make them not dangerous" Michael chimed. Felix finished the rest of his food and went into his tent, "Then it's settled we will go tomorrow, but we will of course be cautious like always" . Felix closed his eyes his friends conversation fading out. "Felix,.....Felix get up, goddamit more are coming, get up!" Felix's head throbbed everything was blurred "What happened, where's Michael and Nick" , "This place it wasn't safe , we were ambushed, Nick and Michael they were--" Dex choked up "They were taken they might be dead" Felix felt a range of emotions, he felt helpless, "We have to go get them" , "We can't! we have to leave right now" . Dex pulled at Felix's shirt and they both stumbled out of the compound they both heard cars rumbling up the mountain they ran into the woods and disappeared into the night.   

[spoiler=Anarchy]About two years had passed the world changed a lot during that time, the world was smaller and bigger now, groups started popping up here and there whether they were bandits, good guys, survivors, or anything in between. The past two years were hard for Felix he had lost many more friends, but surprisingly Dex had still survived with him, along with another man named Brandon Wilt, they found him about a seven months ago both had became very close friends of Felix they were family and most of all brothers to the end. The trio had saw a lot of groups out here trying to impose themselves on others, groups who controlled territories, groups who were just scumbags in general. Their only goal was survival and with that in mind they realized that strength in numbers was something they didn't have, they were tired of losing their friends to others who had more power they needed to expand. The door opened and Felix walked in, Dex and Brandon were sitting inside around the table, "What happened?" said Dex, "I met a man, he.." Felix trials off and continues "He had an offer he said he needed men who believed in what he did, and it just so happens we have similar beliefs" , "How can we trust him?" questioned Brandon, Felix opened his mouth and said "Well I talked to him for a while and he had his two other men around him while I was there and they knew I was alone, but they didn't try anything", Brandon and Dex looked at each other "Well lets see what these guys are about" said Dex. Dima was his name and he lead a group of people who were given the name of Anarchists in this group the trio had met more people and made more friends as well as lots of enemies, Brandon, Felix, and Dex grew especially close to Braxton Knight and Tanner Rocka who would become most trusted friends of Felix, these two were men who first welcomed them into the group , a new page in the trio's chapter had begun.

"Stop lying we know you are lying, c'mon its easy this could end with you just telling us the truth" Dima said in a rough accent, the boy in front of them was bleeding he was young, Felix felt uncomfortable, but there was no backing out now they had been with the group for two months and things were looking up, but not in the brightest way. He owed them a lot "Last time I'm asking you or something even worse will happen" Dima raised his voice, "Don't hurt him he doesn't know anything I promise" Felix slapped the other hostage and said "We will find out soon enough" , the group had changed him it made him darker, Felix knew now he had to do bad things if he wanted good outcome for himself. "Alright well we kept you here for a very long time and you just keeping sniffling and crying, we gonna go now, but don't let us catch you again we hate liars" said Dima as he knocked them both unconscious with the butt of his gun, blood dripped from it and they both exited the house. Brandon and Dex would do things similar to what Felix had just experienced it was just the way the world was now and it was something they had to do, they couldn't be blamed could they Felix thought. "That's where they are doesn't look like anyone is around maybe they are all sleeping on the damn job" said Braxton jokingly, Rocka laughed and said "Yeah maybe then it's an easier job than we expected" , he laughed again. Dex talked on the radio "We are in position me and Brandon will move in now watch our backs" . Felix, Rocka, and Braxton went down to meet the others at the slaver's compound and when they checked every building no one could be found. "Fuck, I guess they are out getting more fucking slaves", said Braxton, "Well I guess we will have better luck next time" , Rocka said as he shrugged his shoulders. 

Everyone they captured ended being tortured or dead, again Felix said to himself we aren't doing anything bad they made us do it they don't tell us what we want and we have to do it, its their fault not ours. Dima addressed the group as they had gathered for a meeting and spoke up "Something big is going to be happening I know some of you here have some problems with The Plantation, but we are putting our differences to attack a greater evil" , he paused and continued "The Renegades as you all know have been causing us trouble and our group and The Plantation will become our allies to fight this war against the Renegade fucks" the group cheered and Felix whispered to Braxton "This is a little sudden isn't it?" , Braxton replied saying "Sure, maybe, but hell it was long overdue these guys had it coming to them for a long time" . With that a war broke out in Chernarus a very bloody one both sides took multiple casualties, but no one wanted to surrender they both wanted to end each other once and for all. The group had managed to capture one Renegade and questioned him, soon after they received a radio message saying one of their own was captured as well, a deal was made and they were going to trade hostages. "I see them I see them" said Felix while looking through his scope, Rocka said "yeah they are down there, but this might be a trap" , Braxton along with two other Anarchists went down to the deal. Multiple snaps and crackles pierced the air, all three down there were gunned down, Rocka screamed "No!! those fucks they shot them, I knew it, those motherfuckers", Felix in disbelief realized what happened and both Rocka and Felix began to shoot down on the town shooting anyone they didn't recognize, they had to leave though because it was useless fighting back now, so they ran north barely escaping. Braxton survived the ordeal, but suffered multiple gunshot wounds Rocka, Felix and Brandon treated him and he got through it. After this event the Anarchists questioned their purpose in the war, the war had went on for a few weeks now, but was it all worth it. The group began to crumble slowly, but surely, group members disappeared and Dima was nowhere to be seen, even Dex and Brandon had gone and Felix worried everyday about them. Rocka and Braxton were the only ones who stayed in contact with Felix, he trusted them and they were able to help him survive in the aftermath.

[spoiler=The Liberation] They found Dima again, but he was different he was with a group of doctors now and they didn't know what they wanted from him, Felix guessed he just wanted some kind of conclusion some kind of accountability, but he knew they were looking into the wrong place so they parted. Braxton and Rocka were apart of a new group now, but Felix didn't join cause it wasn't what he wanted he still believed in their old ideals, but he knew they went about it the wrong way he wanted something different. "Felix if you ever need help or anything you know you can count on me and Rocka we are here to help you" Braxton said as he patted Felix's shoulder "Yeah, stay alive out there buddy" Rocka said as he shook his hand, they parted ways for the time being and Felix walked off thinking about everything that happened to him so far. He had his own moral code to abide by and kept thinking what they did in the Anarchist group was questionable and sometimes if not mostly selfish most of their actions, they never did things they were supposed to do. Felix wanted to help people, but he was not a hero, no he wanted to rid the world of scumbag shitfucks , he wanted a hardcore justice a truly extreme form of it. "Its been too long you fuck" said Dex as he approached Felix from down the road with Brandon. "Sorry about leaving you, but the group was deep in shit and we had to bail we couldn't find you, but at least your alive" said Brandon, Felix hugged them both and said "I have had some time to think and I know what we should do, we are doing our own shit now", Brandon and Dex looked at each other, "Well who are we then?" , Felix looked at the horizon said "Well we are liberators, freedomers, we are gonna be The fucking Zealots" . 


IC Goals

To take down groups who wish to oppress people

Provide people who don't have anything to live for a purpose

Spread our beliefs and convince others to help our cause

To follow our moral code

Free Chernarus than spread to nearby countries

Do whatever it takes to complete our mission

Fulfill group members goals

Set up a home for Zealots and survivors

OOC Goals

To provide a unique role-play experience

Make sure everyone enjoys their time

Stay IC whenever possible

To make role-play take precedent over anything else

Provide a progressive story/timeline for the group and its members


Felix Night

Zeren Shemei

Rick Hunter

Brandon Wilt

Dex Day

Acer Carmine

Jason Aaronosi

West Hope






This group is inclined more of the hero spectrum, but we don't call ourselves heroes in game, also we will not refer to ourselves as The Liberation in game, if you meet us then you will find out our other name. We are a heavily based RP group and I want this group to have a storyline and be progressive because I want other members characters to have a development so they feel like joining this group meant something to their characters. Internal RP will be something that will occur often. Our goals and some lore will be dynamic. Everyone in the group will be respectful of one another OOC and IC. Recruitment will be a 2 step process which includes a format which is below and a unplanned meet up in game. If we happen to do meet up do not let your OOC feelings about the group affect IC feelings in short RP your character as you would normally.


Interested in joining? PM me with the form below.


Age (OOC):

Age (IC):


Character Name:

Background story:

Reason for joining:

Past experience:

Explain your POV on the group's goals:

Special thanks to Rocka the horseman and Clumsy for the great graphics!

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Good luck Felix. Don't forget paragraphs are your friend.

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You sure thats how it went ?

I can understand why u feel a little upset, but its all IC just remember ;) I made some edits thou

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I'm flattered that the brokers helped shaped the story for this group but tread carefully with this info my good sir.

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Good luck with this group! Lore looks really well written and in depth.

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This looks awesome, I hope to find you guys IC and get some RP in

Quick edit: this was my 69th post and had to screenshot


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Keep in mind Rick Sanchez is a famous name, ie Rick from Rick and Morty.

I will be sure to tell him before we go active, thanks for telling me.

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Looks good! The paragraphs would really help though xD.

The backstory sounds great but the music. The music man.


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This is looking nice. Good luck! :)

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I hope you liked getting saved today Felix lol

Perks of having numbers and being a badass ;)

That was intereating didn't expect u guys to show up lol in the end justice was served thanks dude :)

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good luck man

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