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Regulators Open Frequency (183.7hz) [Open]

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(*Note: This radio frequency is open for response only if your character ICly knows the Regulator frequency. So, it's directed towards the player-base whom existed within the community from April 2016 or earlier. Anyone sooner than April, unless it was the very beginning of May of this year, wouldn't have come into contact with the Regulators, let alone know their frequency.)

*Warden Tate Hollows exhales sharply as he examines himself in his old uniform with the mirror in his office. He had just returned from dormancy within the Chernarussian wilderness, packing up his base-camp on his back and making the difficult swim back to the old home of the Regulators. Fort Hollows, otherwise known plainly as 'The Prison' on Austellus had been kept in relatively good condition, and a majority of the rooms and locations were still locked, albeit some locks needed repairing from squatters who stopped by after their disappearance for a safe place to stay until they ran out of scavenged food or supplies. Some Regulator Cadets were preoccupied with cleaning up the halls, and re-securing everything as it once was. He moves to set his rifle on the rack behind his chair, and hastily grabs the transmitter to his radio.

     Gregor, one of the loyalists whom sided with Tate during the initial split fixated the frequency after powering the radio back on for the first time in months. Tate leans into the microphone and speaks, slowly and clearly to anyone who might have their radios set to the old Regulator open frequency channel.*

"This is Warden Tate Hollows, broadcasting live from Austellus. It's been quite sometime, now, since I've sat here and spoke to anyone sitting on this frequency. I honestly doubt anyone's still tuned in, but if you are fortunate enough to be, allow me to simply state operations on Austellus have resumed yet again, and the Regulators have again reformed and are back into fighting shape.

     I'm not going to answer any questions, or respond to any taunts of the like. That is not what this broadcast is for. It is to alert our old allies that we are open for negotiations yet again, and to help give hope to people whom might need it. That is all. Try to stay safe out there, we all know just how fucked up this world can get. This is Warden Hollows, signing out."

*Warden Hollows proceeds to kill the transmission and place the microphone atop the small rectangular box to listen for any replies. He was ready for no response, but also anticipated the possible one or two taunting or snarky remarks to come his way. After all, a lot of people don't quite agree with their ways. Yet, he remained content on ignoring any non-serious chatter.*

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*Richard hears the broadcast and cant help but chuckle before responding*

"oh i see you idiots are back, planning on actually leaving your island safeplace this time? or should we all just continue to do our thing because you do nothing as usual?"

*Richard puts his radio down and laughs again* 

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:: The frequency comes to life with the sound of a pissed off voice ::

"Oi why don't you go fuck yourself regulator piece of shit! Fucking Warden my ass. You fucking retards following him know that Warden of yours used to be the same as the people you try and lock up? Why don't you sad excuses for sadists go hang yourselves from that tower of yours, instead of locking up people for false charges to mess with them for your entertainment? I remember the invasions of your island, the 85th, the Blackwood, why should I go on? Fucking everyone. You think you've got allies? Anyone stupid enough to believe you fucks should lock themselves in your dungeon. Ain't even fucking Chernarussian. Fucking Kurwa."

:: The transmissions dies as the radio is smashed ::

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