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Miscreated Reviews

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Simple thread okay? 

What I would like on this would be the reviews that the community is feeling about Miscreated RP at the moment. As more and more people start trying it out, I would love to hear peoples thoughts and ideas behind it. We have already had some great things happen with Miscreated RP, in game and out. But if you think of an idea that could be used by another, just throw it on here. Your review of the server can help others as well as the Staff team to make Miscreated something very interesting and fun. 

Now when leaving a review, please try to keep it relevant to Miscreated, and don't pick at or argue with someones idea or review. 

From what I have played, I see Miscreated being a casual source of fun. And with more development and players, it should surely be a good alternative than our native DayZ SA.

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From the RP that I have experienced at this moment in time, I can already tell that its a lot different to DayZ SA. Mainly due to the codec being a few times better. The distances are rather big but that didn't really bother me. There was also the use of IG radio's which was pretty damned impressive to see them done how they are done in Miscreated. There is also the vehicles. Obviously vehicles add in something to RP that just isn't inherited with normal RPing when stood still.

Overall the RP potential in the game is pretty promising and I hope there are more people who are willing to try it because its definitely something special.

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To start of with the game itself, I feel like it is very different to DayZ. We have the looks of the game, it looks so beautiful and much more apocolyptic than DayZ. It is very smooth for most of the people I talked with so far, compared to DayZs framedrops and just low frames overall.

Then ofcourse, we have basebuilding, vehicles and ambient life that is actually dangerous, all from the mutants to wolves.

Ammo is also quite rare, which makes you think one time extra before shooting. In SA we just shoot any zombie we want and get done with it. Here it is actually something you have to think about. Sure, lone mutants can be taken down by an axe or bat pretty easy, as long as it is not the hulk ones. But if you are alone in one of the bigger towns, you will think twice before shooting. Have five or more mutants after you and you are pretty much done for, if you are not lucky.

In my opinion this makes you actually survive, compared to SAs just living and chilling.

To the RP aspect.

So far I met a few people, and the RP is defenetly higher standard than SA. If this is because of the people, the game or both, I can not tell, but I think it is both.

RP is also somewhat easy to find due to the mapsize. It is not like you run in to people every minute, but if you go looking for them sooner or later you will.

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Been watching gameplay videos and heres my two cents and why, regardless of the survival of DayzRPs server, im probably buying it.

-The game has a nice Aesthetic; The suburb setting is super appealing to me, i feel like it makes this more relateable to our real lives

-The mechanics seem nice, i dont love the walking animation honestly DayZ has a better one, but thats really nitpicking

-Base building (although i find it stupid because theres houses everywhere, why build a new one?)

-VOIP is better from what ive read

-I think RP could be better, older members who are sick of DayZ, myself included can have this as a refresher and possibly a second option

-RP diversity, Heres something i think is cool to think about: DayZRP is full of members spanning the globe, therefore ingame theirs Irish,southern american, British, Swedish accents lived together in a country that is probably minimally diverse. While thats also nitpicking, Miscreated offers a new setting that is known to have more diversity. The game arguably takes place in Midwestern america.

I just really think a new game is something the community could use, this is way more promising than Amra 3 because Arma 3 just produces immense issues.

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