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Frank Asiimov

Chernarrusian Rock Radio [Radio Station / Open]

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*Franks sits down in the recording room after a very long and tiring day then starts to record his adventures*


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*Asher leans back against a wall and lights up the "special" joint he had been saving and pressed the PTT*

Good shit fellas

*He sat down and closed his eyes for a moment listening to the music*

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*Leo scrolls through frequencies looking for music and finds the radio station*

*He starts smiling when he hears the broadcast*

*Pushes the PTT*

"About the fucking time man! I thought that no one cares about music anymore!"

*Leans to a tree and takes his radio and adjusts the volume*

"Whoever you are, You. Are. Awesome!"

"I mean I've been trying to find some music here but all I can hear is how someone whines about something. Every. Day."

"You know, I'm going to stay right here next to this tree and listen to your frequency. You made my day, thanks!"

"I'm gonna listen to this every time you broadcast! If I happen to be around.."

*Releases the PTT*

*Sits next to the tree and takes a pipsi out of his backpack and leans against the tree.*

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