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I got blacklisted for not meeting the age requirement :/ 

So i was just wondering what is the age requirement? because i'm 15 turning 16 very soon and just wanted to know how long i will have to wait. I understand that you want people to be mature to play the game so i don't really have a problem, but i am really interested in playing on the server as recording it would be really interesting.

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Age requirement is 16 to whitelist on the servers.

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Hello JJT258,

The age requirement is sixteen currently, and there is no way to get around this. If you're turning 16 soon you will have to provide proof of age due to you being blacklisted for being underage!

You will have to wait until you're officially/legally sixteen to apply for a whitelist again.

Hopefully, when you turn 16, you can apply again and enjoy the server!

Good Luck!

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As others have stated above you need to be 16 and above to play on our servers and we will need to see proof of age when the time comes when you wish to play, I will now place a screenshot of the section of the ban appeals sticky thread so you can see the requirements for unblacklisting.


When we receive all the information we need when you come of age you'll be allowed to send in a whitelist application.

With that being said /solved

If you need any more help do not be afraid to join our teamspeak server and join the 'Waiting for Staff Help' channel and a staff member will be with you shortly.

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