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G-Town Radio [Music Station/Open]

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Raptor    159

*Cedric blows the dust off the old radio equipment and wipes it down with a rag. He goes over to the window and looks up towards the roof to see if his jury rigged radio antenna is still holding. Satisfied, he goes back into the house and turns on the gas powered generator to his set up. The radio equipment comes to life and he takes a collective breath of relief. He takes his massive binder of CD's out of his bag and opens it. He takes a CD out labeled, "Mix #1" and pops it into the disc tray. He sits down in the old office chair and lowers the microphone to his face to speak into it with an urban, American accent.*

"Good Afternoon South Zagoria! You are listening to G-Town Radio. I am your host Cedric Greaves, and I'm going to take this time to welcome our new station into the country. I hope you all enjoy and I will be taking calls and requests after the first song. You stay safe out there folks."

*He kicks his feet up onto the desk and pulls out his pipe from his jacket. Cedric then proceeds to stuff some marijuana tightly into the bowl and lights it, puffing some smoke into the air. He hits the play button and the music begins to broadcast across the channel*

"This first song is a reminder of all the wack ass muthafuckas that act hard until its time to do hard shit."


*As the song finishes, Cedric takes a drink from his water and takes another hit from the pipe. He speaks into the mic calmly.*

"Fuck ya'll fakes out there. I'll be taking calls now, I want to hear from you gentlemen and ladies of South Zagoria."

*Cedric flips a switch on his control board and puts on his headset, listening for calls.*

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Shadows    1012

*Ralph is sitting down at a tree, almost asleep when he hears the voice and music play through the radio*

H-hey, this is m-my type of music!

*Ralph sways his head and continues to doze off*

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Raptor    159

*Cedric lowers the mic to his face and speaks into it with his distinct urban accent.*

"Hey look at that we already have a listener! Let's turn shit up to 11, homies. I'm Cedric Greaves, your host and musical overlord, you are listening to G-Town Radio. Coming next, some DMX for ya ears!"

*He hits the play button on his control board.*


*As the song finishes, Cedric speaks into the mic.*

"Remember folks, I'm always looking for feedback, constructive or otherwise, or requests. Don't be afraid to reach me at 818.8Hz."

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