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Moody o7

Baptism by Fire & Steel [Open Frequency 66.6 hz]

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*John finishes putting the bolt carrier group back together on his M4 and picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"Ahh hello fellow survivors of the apocalypse, today we are going to talk about a little thing called courage"

*John releases the PTT and does a quick functions check on his new M4 he just got done cleaning, afterwards hitting the PTT once more*

"Today I noticed a few people or should I say weak vermin..."

*John laughs*

"That seem to have lost their ability to stand up for themselves, you vermin seem to just roll over and let people saddle you up and take you on a ride and you just sit there and let it happen."

"Are you scared? You shouldn't be...because its the fear that gives these hoodlums the power to do what they want. And the only time I saw anyone do anything about these wanna be gang bangers, they waited until they had no other choice but to act." 

*John pauses before ranting about his final thoughts and the solution to the inncident*

"And from my point of view, it looks like the Saviors and I are going to have to "reeducate" some of you weak vermin on what courage is, and why its so important. Otherwise you weak things are just gonna get trampled over time and time again. This is for your good, dont take too harshly to these....."reeducation" classes."

*John releases the PTT and begins to set up camp for the night* 

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