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To the Fox Brothers. [Open]

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*CJ sits down and rests his ankle cast on a log and picks up his radio*

*Presses down the PTT*

*CJ puts on a sarcastic tone*

"This is a public announcement! Ladies annnnnnnnd Gentle men"

"Tonight's game show will involve two participants so give a warm welcome to Mr Oliver Fox.. And Mr Gaberial Fox! Let's give them a round of aplause! "

*CJ claps on his right injured leg*

*Grits his teeth in pain, takes a deep breath before continuing*

"So what could these beautiful and rather outstanding gentlemen win tonight? Well... We have some special prizes lined up for them! If they do perform so well then first prize will be!!!!! Drum roll please!"

*Starts clapping on his left leg this time to create a form of drum roll*

"Da da da! First prize is! A night in the woods with good old CJ, Strawberry and smiley!"

*Random cheers can be heard in the background from people surrounding CJ*

 *Radio goes silent for 5-10 seconds*

*CJ speaks in a more serious tone*

"You see boys. You have been creating a lot of trouble lately havnt you? Hurting our friends and what's even worse you are using a name you are not supposed to be using, and yes I am talking about the camp hope incident. That did involve miss summer."

*CJ sighs*

"I have tried to contact you many times with ZERO response. That sir's is complete disrespect so I expect to hear from you soon as this is the last chance you are getting to communicate with me. Before we meet face to face to discuss this weather you like it or not. And if it gets to that then we will have to start playing our little game show"

*CJ mutters under his breath before releasing the PTT*

"Bunch of fucking jokes" 

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