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A message to Zinnia Jackson[Open Freq]

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*After hearing the story of Oliver Greens demise from Sabrina, Yegor Angrily transmits a message*

"This, is a message to Zinnia Jackson from Yegor Krasnov"

*Pauses and thinks about his next words*

"You killed Oliver, Sabrina told me everything, all Oliver ever wanted to do was help, and you took him in his prime, by the blade of a sword no less you fuck. What would have brought you to do such a malice thing towards a friend of yours whom you have known for so long, is it your new buddies in the north, your mouthy little girlfriend, or some outside force that has just caused you to go fucking insane? Well don't you think that you can kill a close friend of mine and get away with it, there will be consequences, I will find out where you hide among the shadows and i will come for you, i don't care what i have to do, you fucked up this time Zinnia.

*He pauses in anger and continues his message*

To think that a time not long ago we were all friends staying together for survival, now you have turned your back and killed someone who thought of you as a friend. I will use any means necessary and kill any northern fuck who may be hiding you to find where you are and show you the consequences of your actions, and i will make sure that that mouthy little bitch you hang around with will suffer a more than painful death in front of your eyes so you can see what it feels like to lose someone close to you.

*Pauses to finish his statement*

"And you will regret the day that you killed Oliver Green, I'm coming for you Zinnia"

*Yegor releases the PTT and slams the Radio on the table in front of him*

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*Blades awakes to his friend's angry voice and as he realises whats going on he presses the PTT*


Hiding in the north you say hein ?

*He sighs*

looks like they didnt learn their lesson from last time

Perhaps we should teach them again

*short pause*

 Anyways , i am sorry for your loss Friend

i will be more than glad to assist you persue this personal vendetta

you know where to find me

Stay in touch.

*He releases the PTT and goes back to sleep*

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-Finnr looks on the map with settlements of the North, His smile slowly gets visible and grabs the radio-

Listen here,

You are coming for Zinnia, she's one of us. She is loved by many and protected by even more.

Are you telling me that you, you little pathetic shit head that doesnt know left from right. Will take on a 150 people that have fought of far worse than you?

You seem to be misunderstanding a thing or two.

Now I'll admit me personally I'm a little bit busy right now with a thing or two, but I have trained my people right add my men in to the mix that work for me down south and you have a serious problem.

I'm going to state this very clearly, Stay the fuck out of the North and stay the fuck away from Zinnia.

because if you dont, I will not go after you, I wont ever fucking harm you. But I will come after your friends, family whatever the fuck you have.

And instead of killing them, I will make them suffer. So that you can see what your actions have brought upon your life.

Newton's third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Oliver tried to kill Zinnia first, and my file on him state he has done far worse than most people believe. So Zinnia killed him thats the opposite reaction.

So let me get this straight to you.

Walk away or I will start pulling strings.

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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*Cowboy smiles at the sound of shit talking, knowing full well what they did to Camp 101 just a few days earlier.*

"You're Northern Alliance should learn how to fight before you talk shit, I'd hate to have to witness such a clusterfuck of miserable bitches as we did just the other day, Yegor old friend, we'll find Zinnia, and just as we did with Wave, she will pay."

*Cowboy sets his radio down, scratching his beard at the thought of the North trying to scare people away with their numbers.*

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*Yegor listens to the Northern mans shit talking and turns on his radio*

"Listen what ever the fuck your name is, all i ever hear from you Northern Alliance people is the big talk of how you have so many people and you will destroy anyone who comes into the North, yet when i go with a raid party to Stary Yar there are only about five of you who were easily taken by us, do not waste my time with your idle threats that are never acted on, all you Northern people are is talk and that's all you ever will be. Let me give you another example of how much of pussies you are, a few weeks ago you and your "Alliance" set up some shit outpost in an industrial complex near Novaya Petrovka and just sat in their with about seven or eight men, again we easily mopped through your men and destroyed the camp and once again you pansies retreated farther North to your tents and Campfires.

*Yegor Pauses for a moment and continues his message*

"There is nothing you and your shit Alliance can do to stop me from doing what must be done to Zinnia, i will stop at nothing to show her the repercussions of her actions and the pain that she has brought to others. That shit that your trying to say about Oliver trying to kill Zinnia is a bunch of bullshit, that much i know. You can start pulling your strings all you want big man, see how much that accomplishes, you know my name, why Don't you give me yours, i can add you to the list. You can do nothing to prevent what will happen here, you go and tell that whole alliance of yours that i am coming for her."

*Yegor solemnly releases the PTT*

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*Old man sits on his porch again listening to the people argue and threaten each other. He smiles as the people call each other names and try to sound tough on the radio. He digs a radio from the patched vests pouch and starts to talk*

"So. Three weeks huh... And nothing changed. For three weeks I lay on some bed feverish and in pain from the gunshot wounds. Three weeks... And the NA still stands. And still people threaten us, attack us and make demands that they really can't be on demanding. Yes sure. People have died from us. Our camps and homes have been burnt over and over again. And still... We just rebuild over and over and over again. We have come to accept that we can't have peaceful lives. And yet we try. Hah!"

*He pauses for a while to gather his thoughts* 

"But one thing I have came to notice during these months. Circle of vengeance is always here. Man number 1 kills man number 2's friends. Number 1 goes on a revenge spree. Man number 2 retaliates and happens to take out girl number 1's man. Girl number 1 gathers a flock around and goes to kill man number 2, but happens to mistake the man to number 1. Endless cycle you see! And the reason some of us talk... Big, is... the reason that there are many of us. There are tough fighters and combatants. But then there is also doctors, farmers, hunters and the list goes on. But the biggest fact is... We defend our own. No matter what he or she did. And it saddens me in a way. Because it means we have to kill the poor sod coming to take "Justice". And sometimes it might end badly for us... 

*Opening of door can be heard and crackle of fire in the fireplace muffles the other sound before the man continues*

"I can't know what truly happened to your friend. What did he do first. Or what Zinnia did. All I have is your word against hers. And matter of fact... I don't truly care. All I wish that me and my friends could live in peace, and maybe one day... When I'm even older and my hair turns finally gray, unless I turn totally bald before that, we could have a society once again where we don't have to be afraid of another man and their desires. But time will tell. Oh and if you do manage to capture her... Check out for explosives. Fiery ladies out there apparently."

*Old man chuckles before putting the radio on the table and checking how his stew is doing*

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*Yegor hears the older mans reply and presses the PTT*

"Well sir you sound like a much less aggressive man so i will be somewhat polite here, i threaten the Northern Alliance because they seem to have a tendency to hide rats and traitors from every facet of this country whether they be killers, rats, etc, they all seem to end up in the Northern Alliance for some reason. My sole purpose to head up north is for the capture of Zinnia Jackson,the thing is is that as long as you do not get in my way to find and get her then i have no Quarrel with you, however if you try to harbor her, or protect her in any way then you must be dealt with in order to achieve my goal, it is as simple as that sir. I appreciate your message not being as loudmouthed as the last Northern Man who spoke to me and hopefully for your sake you just don't have any affiliation with the harboring of Zinnia, so good day to you"

*Yegor releases the PTT and listens for any more responses*

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*Alex picks up his radio curiously*

"Why is it always the same people claiming the North is some malicious alliance, yet you're the ones starting shit that inevitably will get your friends and family killed. Not that smart is it? Considering the fact that Oliver Green was involved with fucking cannibals, I don't see how Zinnia killing him was a bad thing. One less person to worry about. I mean, this alliance was formed because false kings tried to claim our land, and your boy was with them. I'd have killed him myself"

*He puts it away, continuing his trek into Russian lands*

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-Finnr walks over towards his radio that stands on the table and picks it up pushing the PTT-


-Finnr clicks off the PTT-

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*The frequency echoes to life as static fills the air from it's speaker, and then settles shortly after, A long silence emits as small, smooth scraping of steel of some kind is heard in the background. Zinnia's soft voice takes hold of the silence, abolishing it entirely in the moment.*

Lexa's going to have fun... That much-- I can tell already...

*A small chuckle is heard as another muffled voice from behind what sounds like a door can be heard, "Zinnia? Zinnia, open the door." Shuffling of her movements are heard as she relocates herself to a quieter space, almost eerily so. After she is done moving about to another space, she sits herself down and calmly voices herself,*

You called me, Yegor Krasnov..? *She waits a bit,* You should have-- You should've heeded my warnings, Krasnov... Because now,

*Her breaths are shakey to start off with but gradually level out as she continues her sentence.*

Because now... You're what you'd consider to be "Fucked."

*Another small laugh is heard as she tries to suppress it.*

I'm sorry for my crude language here; it only made things clearer, afterall. Alright, Yegor. And to ANYONE ELSE who has a bone to pick with me o- Or the Northern Alliance: You want a war..? 

*A sharper screech of metal is heard again as she raises her voice to a more demanding tone,*


Listen to me... LOUD. AND CLEAR. I ENJOYED killing Oliver Green... Y'know? A forty-five degree upper-left angle is all it took, too. Such shame... I was hoping he'd hold out a little while more after the nailed bat came down... 

*Another silence emerges, but only for a few long seconds before a playful cheeriness interrupts,*

Oh well..!~ Hm. Maybe next time I'll wait to use the sword until AFTER your head is poised upon a spike..! *She murmurs more darkly as her voice goes a tad softer under her breath,* Then maybe I can shove it downward and leave it there to bleed dry... *Her tone shifts again to a more agitated state as she expresses her anger,* I'll admit: I DID like you as a friend, Yegor... But it's such a shame you'd place loyalty over me for someone so vile and heinous for that of Oliver. You can;t simply say you're going to... Hunt me down... And KILL me and NOT expect some sort of... Resistance. Am I correct? No. What you will be met with is pure hatred and hostility!! If you want me dead so bad; MAKE IT HAPPEN! However, just know I REFUSE to make it easy for you. In fact, *Her talking is heard through and evident smile,* I think I'll go the extra mile and make YOUR TIME an utter. Living. Hell.

*Her laughter is only growing more and more obvious as she can no longer control herself.*

I think it's time for you to die, Yegor-- I honestly do. *A small gasp is heard as she takes on a very sarcastic and high-pitched mocking-like tone,* Oh! But that means I can't include everyone else if my vendetta is solely on you..! Oh-- Don't you worry, 


*Her laughter rings on for a bit more until she finally dies down a bit, clearing her throat.* 

Your throat will be the victim of my blade. Your head will be the decor of my stake. 

From here on, Yegor and friends, you're trapped. I will show no mercy when it is you who stands in front of me. Mark my words, 

your fate is sealed.

*A single draw of her breath is calm and smooth.*

Farewell, friends.~

*The frequency drops instantly followed by a chilled silence.*

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*Adrian sits there, listening to Zinnia's transmission, his mouth ajar. Not sure what to say, he picks up his radio and transmits*


That's ... um, intense.

*He waits 5 seconds with the PTT depressed before releasing it and staring, lost for words on what he just heard*

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*Izaak listens in on Yegor's radio to hear that Zinnia woman speaking. He cringes and shakes his head at what she is saying. He takes Yegor's radio and responds*

"Crazy bitch."

"And to think some of you fuckers wanted to protect this piece of work. Some advice any 'freinds' of this cunt. 

Don't get in our way when we come knocking."

*Izaak releases the PTT and sets the radio down on the nightstand beside him. He lays in his bed to ponder what had transpired today until he finally drifts to sleep.*

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*He sighs listening to the radio.*

"My wife and I are fine, I don't know what you're talkin' about pal, but don't you worry things are different now then back in the Kingdom, you all sound like a bunch of hyped up Russians on crack cocaine, maybe if there was a rehabilitation program we could check ya in because I couldn't understand half of what ya said pal, cut back on the hard white if you know what I mean. Regardless you can talk your shit as always like you Northern bastards do, the Rough Riders and myself are gonna help our friend Yegor and Izaack and their boys as much as we can, see y'all soon."

*The radio cuts to static.*

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*Damon hears the broadcast and picks up his radio and responds*

All I hear is dead men making threats that they cant keep you wont take Zinnia, you will all die trying now stop fucking wasting our time if you come up North looking for her we will come down on you like the wrath of God now go and get back to doing whatever it is little boys and like I said stop wasting our time.

*Damon puts on a tune*


*Damon releases the PTT*

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*A voice comes over the radio, before quickly murmuring something*


*He coughs*

Oh, um sorry, I've got a bit of a cold. Fuck the NA!


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*Logan lets out a grunt, sitting up as his radio goes off next to him. He listens, before shaking his head. He presses down on the talk button.*

"Zinnia... What the fuck was that?.... You talk of your sword like its some bringer of death and shit... *Yawns.* Go to bed... It's obvious that this has stressed you out way too much... "All who oppose me" *He chuckles slightly.* I know something bad is coming from this... Never lose your cool with a radio nearby... You'll say something you'll regret..."

*He lets go of the button, pulling his shirt up slightly to check his wound.*

"It's getting better..." *He mutters.*

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Mack listens to the entire conversation, complete with Zinnia and Cowboy's response, before bringing his radio to his face and pressing down his PTT button.

"Well, this is quite the clusterfuck to wake up to, huh? You've got Yegor fucking Krasnov, resident hardass, and mister-fucking-Rough Rider, both spitting shit over the air, live for all of the spectators to listen to! It's like cuck city listening to this shit! And then you've got Zinnia who's apparently gone fucking mad, huh? Quite unfortunate; I liked her the couple of times I met her. Seemed like a nice girl. It's sad that all of this shit has brought her to this point.

But nevermind, this is none of my business anyway. I'll go back to spectating quietly, sorry for interrupting today's shitshow."

He sets down the radio, keeping it set to the same frequency to listen and laugh along to.

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*Aaron sits chilling listening to the Idle threats of a bunch of Discount Savages*

*Holds PTT*

"Who the fuck do you cunts think you are exactly? Some sort of fucking super unit?"

"Your a bunch of fucking choir boys, you proved that back at the NATP"

"You remember that one victory you guys squawk on about all the fucking time?"

*Pauses to recollect first hand accounts of this mighty victory since he was there and survived the whole thing*

"I was chilling in the corner covering a gap in the wall, not a single one of you super soldiers even bothered to look..."

"Oh and did I mention you had Mobius and Savages backing you up against these 8 guys? Wow what a fucking accolade to boast about"

"Now I wouldn't of checked my corner if I was you too, since we absolutely massacred your people twice that day I would of grabbed loot and ran just as you did"

"Dont sneak up North during twilight hours when everyone is asleep, grab some civvies and pretend your a super squad that does what they want when thay want, your absolute twats"

"Speaking of Twilight, thats your new name. I'm gonna call you idiots Twilight, I'm gonna make sure everyone in the Alliance calls you twilight..."

"Then I'm gonna go down to Jamestown and hand out fucking Fliers telling everyone about how your banner name is Twilight."

*Aaron pauses after venting out a lot of built up salt and tension.*

"I wish you gentlemen well in the wars to come... No that's a lie were gonna decimate you, straight up, just like we have done before.

*Music can be heard in the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc_hziEFBfs *

*Releases PTT and goes over to a nearby table to roll a joint*

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*Hears what Mitch had to say and pick ups his radio and responds*

Well when ya put it like that its pretty fucking funny and pathetic

*Laughs uncontrollably*

Oh god I needed that laugh these Twilight fucks think they are some hot shit

*breaks into a fit of laughter and releases the PTT*

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*Yegor hears Zinnia's response and presses the PTT button*

"So you have finally come out and responded Zinnia, oh how good it is to know your still slithering up North somewhere where i can come and find you. You see your warnings mean very little to me, you threaten death and war yet you know nothing of what war truly is, you are but a child trying to act in a world that surprisingly has not eaten you whole yet, and do you know what i think, you are scared. You are scared because you know that i am not alone, you know that i am not going to be nice and hand myself up on a silver platter for the taking like Oliver unfortunately  did, no, i come in force, hitting harder then you have ever experienced in your short and miserable life, you are but a child playing in a grown up world and you are fucked.

*He takes a pause and continues his message*

"You can keep sitting up on that high horse of yours and think that your top shit with all of your little Northern Alliance knights in shining armor sitting around "Protecting" you but the truth of the matter is is that you are just as vulnerable as if you were down south, because they cannot protect you from what is coming. If it is truly war that you want then i will bring it no questions asked, and i will show you that it is not simply a matter of shooting each other until one side runs out of men as you may think it is from your short time on this planet, i will show you the horrific side of war, the same horrific display I had to experience when the Chedaki tried to commit an uprising in my home country, I will show you the Gore, the severed limbs, the explosions of IED's as body parts fly around you like someone popped a balloon of human guts and blood all over the streets, and the atrocities that have to be committed in order to achieve one's goals, if you and your little Northern Alliance buddies truly want to experience what a REAL war is Zinnia, then you have one.

*He pauses before he continues*

"And as for all your Northerners who have come to the defense of this young and idiotic psychopath, consider this your final warning to stay out of our way, because we have no problem with spilling your blood in the fields of the North and making an example out of you as well to achieve our goals, maybe some of you will heed this warning and make the smart decision and back off, but for those of you who do not, expect us."

*Yegor turns off his radio and continues carrying supplies to the Ural parked near his storage area*

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-Finnr rolls his eyes at hearing the mans pityfull response-

Listen buddy the savages now that was a war,

If you think you can do worse than what they did, goodluck.

Our towns were burned our people were tortured our equipment stolen. Our people shot our wounded soldiers had to fight. THAT was a war.

Zinnia fought frontline she saw the grenades mines and other traps go off she shots them and they shot her.

Dont try to act like your a big boy,

after all you had to call them in at your side to be able to win from 6 guys.

All you are, you pathetic little shit is a discount savage, a wannabe. So fuck the hell off before you hurt yourself by accidently pulling the trigger on your hip holster cause I feel like you are one of those poor fuckers that is going to castrate themselves when they find out their testorone was injected by a needle.

Now come up North and try, so far I have only heard idle threats from you and no action.

It's almost like a gorilla in a cage,

Absolutely pathetic.

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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*Listening to the radio Charlie decides to press down the PTT*

This is really allot of fuss over a girl. But hey, getting her shouldn't be to hard, numerous times myself, and others have went up to these huge camps, where these guys are just whoring all the shit and taken what we want and who we want, like it was a walk in the park. 

Best part is, even when tied up, the NA like to talk allot of shit, about how 50 men are going to show up, and how I'm going to regret this. Yet, here I am, with a bunch of there shit, and some of there blood on me. 

Have fun boys, maybe put up a fight next time tho.

*Smirking Charlie places down the radio on the bedside table and continues to flip through an old magazine*

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*Aaron wakes to a juicy recording on this frequency, listens and reply's with big old cheeky grin*

"Can we just fucking war or what? Stop insinuating this that and the other like a bunch of girl scouts."

"Your all timid an tortured little cretins that have banded together to bulliy civilians like camp Hope whilst stroking each others penises... I mean ego's"

"Declare war on us! Your whole clique is fucking nothing, we wont declare it on you... So declare it on us... Come on..."

"You aint gonna get Zinnia, she's on my fling list, thus meaning, out of bounds for a bunch of Twilight nobodies like yourselves"

"Your know what, you guys are starting to sound scared... Good I would be too, now gather up all your little fucking goonies and send them all at me, because im gonna fucking hit every single one of you super soldiers"

*Puts on a tune since it is fitting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OntMOpgqRo *

*Releases PTT pulling a half smoked joint outta the ash tray and fires it up*

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*Smiles at the thought of war and pushes the PTT*

Im looking forward to slaughtering all you glowing twilight fucks itll be a good day please make my day and come up North please I beg that you make my day, I will take great pleasure in killing you motherfuckers so like I said please come up Ill be waiting dont disappoint me. I know it wont be much of a fight though considering that we fought the savages and they make you look like boy scouts but nonetheless I will take great pleasure in fucking you up.

*Plays a snipet of a song as it seems fitting*


*releases the PTT*

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