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The Signal? [Open Freq]

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*Clancy fumbles through his bag trying to find what would be his radio. After a minute or two, he finds it and double checks the battery, luckily still inside. After checking his distance to the radio tower upon the hill opposite him, he clicks on the dusty radio to hear familiar static.*

"If everyone can hear me on this frequency, then hopefully select few will recognise the voice. It's Clancy, and I need to find the rest of us associated with The Signal."

*He pauses for a slight second*

"Also anything right now is appreciated, what groups are about, where to not head. I've been up North and god only knows why I came back down."

*The radio goes back to static, and suddenly he clicks it back on for a second*

"Thank you whoever replies."

*The radio then cuts out, and he latches it to his belt*

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*Jack reaches out for his radio and begins to speak*

"I'm here, Big Papa Dragon"

*The transmission ends*

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