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Miscreated development - patch notes

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DayZRP Miscreated

Patch 0.41

This thread focuses on the following updates:

Miscreated patch 0.41 released 2016-10-14

Miscreated patch 0.41a hotfix released 2016-10-17

Leave feedback for the developers about these patches in this thread on Steam:



0.41a hotfix

Fix for other players getting kicked from a server when a banned, non-whitelisted, or on hold player tries to join and is kicked out
Five crashes fixed (most related to starting or exiting the game) thanks to new BugSplat information


BugSplat Integration
BugSplat support has now been added to the client and server executables.
When a crash occurs the crash information will be submitted to BugSplat so we can then analyze it.
This will help us to find and fix more game issues and increase the overall stability.

Disconnect/Logout Timer/Combat Logging
The 30 second leave server timer in the in-game menu is now enforced.
If the game is exited for any reason without waiting the full 30 seconds, then your character will remain in the world for 30 seconds and can be killed during that time.
You will also be unable to rejoin the same server for 45 seconds - a message will be displayed when attempting to join a server in this case.

Chat log bug fix
Anti-cheat updates
Issue fixed where banned/not whitelisted players could still join servers at times

Arrows no longer will stick into players/objects
Shadow cache update fixed - was causing stalls/freezing while playing
Network performance improvements
Fixed issue with some entities remaining on the clients when they shouldn't be (minor performance improvement)
Spawn/Despawn item rate improvements

Improved accessibility for controllers (rebind all analogue axes)
Ability to turn off controller support (i_xinput = 0 in user.cfg)
Server browser History, Favorites (Favoriting+Unfavoriting) and Friends
Trim whitespace characters around server name

Base Building
Colored work lights can be crafted for bases - blue, green, pink, red, and yellow
Some placeable items, including plot signs, can no longer be placed on top of other items

Red dot sight on crafted weapon improved
Hoodies updated to have three slots (was two)
Crafted weapons have a higher recoil then previously

Several generic Kythera improvements/fixes/optimizations
AI now turn smoother
Deer AI are now moved to the new animal system instead of the default CryEngine AI system

Radio select sounds now play

AI turning animations are now used
General improvements to ragdolls
Fixed magazine location on some weapons

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Update #42 - 10/27/2016




  • Increased default file logging level for more information from BugSplat reports 
  • Several potential fixes for various client crashes 
  • If Steam isn't running when the game is started, then a message will now appear instead of the game just silently terminating 
  • Physics timing fix from Crytek integrated 
  • IME support disabled by default (was causing a lot of crashes) 
  • High ASCII characters are no longer allowed in server names 
  • On hold channels (combat logging) are reported as active to Steam until they are fully disconnected 
  • Player kicking issue fixed when a new player tries to join a full server 
  • Damage areas added to non-playable sections of the map


  • AKM added 
  • 30Rnd magazine added for AKM 
  • 7.62x39 ammo piles to load AKM magazine 
  • New color variations of the rugged backpack 
  • New color variations of the stowpack backpack


Note: A lot of work has been done in the area of AI movement over the past couple of updates to create a solid framework so the rest of the AI (mutants) can be moved to our new system, which is a lot more efficient than using the default systems in CryEngine. However, there are still some lingering issues that are being worked on that will be fixed in future updates. 

  • Updated wolf regroup and flee behavior 
  • Improved wolf movement blendspaces (smoother movement) 
  • Updated AI movement system to reduce teleporting 
  • Two-headed dogs added 
  • Brute hunting pack added (brute + two-headed dogs)


  • Sedan particle effects added


  • New Fishing village added 
  • Area north of Woodhaven has been expanded to the playable space 
  • The West beach area has now been expanded to the playable space 
  • Pine Parks has been adjusted 
  • Sultan cave updated 
  • Woodhaven cave updated 
  • Modern style generators now function correctly

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