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DayZRP Miscreated

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DayZRP Miscreated

General information

Since this is our first time using this game, things are not quite finished. Consider this a beta, the information below, rules, configuration etc might change as we go and get feedback from you players.

General information:

- Game server is hosted in London, UK. Ping limit is 500ms.

- For now standard community and game rules apply. If something is not covered by these rules, use your best guess or common sense.

- The server is whitelisted using our regular whitelist. There is no password.

- Daylight is set to 6x speed, meaning 1 real hour equals 6 hours in game time. Nights go at 3x the daylight rate meaning 1 real hour equal 18 in game hours at night. These are subject to change if we think we need longer day cycle.

- We have hit and kill logs available. GMs will handle reports in similar way to DayZ.

How to play:

1. Buy Miscreated on Steam or G2A

2. Launch the game

3. In main menu click "Join server"

4. WAIT. While the server list refreshing the game may become unresponsive.

5. Sort the server list alphabetically

6. Scroll down until you find our server starting with letter D

7. Select it and press "Favorite"

8. Now the server will appear under favorites and you can join it by selecting it and clicking "Join server".


- I connect to the server, get the loading screen for a second with "Joining server" and then return to the menu.

You might not be whitelisted. Whitelist on Miscreated is not instant as on DayZ servers, it is only updated a few days a week.

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