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You will change, everyone will

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"Je čas vstávat." (It´s time to wake up). Said that sweet female voice inside of cold darkness. "But i don´t want to, let me alone!" Was the resolute answer towards the voice, hardly to say from which direction it came.. The voice has been reaching to him from nowhere yet maybe from anywhere. "But you will, you know you have to." answered the female voice. 


Feel of choking....no it´s not choking...he was drowning. He felt that the water is reaching his lungs, wanted to breath yet he could not, panic started to kick in.


Pavel opened his eyes wide open gasping for the last breath of his life. In the same moment he started to cough out water from his throat when he reached siting position. He was able to breathe again. *bump* He felt like something is falling on his baseball cap. *bump, bump, bump*. Pavel looked upwards. Moister fell from birch tree leafs on him when he was sleeping. As the frustration was not enough one drop of water hit his left eyeball. He waged with his head. Normally he would curse like old witch. There was time for it now. He snuffed rest of water from his nose and looked around. 


It was fogy cold morning in the middle of autumn. His sleeping bag was wet from outside yet from inside it was still providing some warmth. Fireplace was not lite anymore. By guess could have burn two hours ago out.  He took two pills from plastic box. “Vitamins” was written on the packing. It was obvious that Pavel was not worried about the expiration date which said 02/2015. Well....where will you find some fresh oranges these days eh? Even apples got almost all rotten in this part of the year.


The visibility in fog was about 20m. So he sat quietly and tried focusing on hearing. Nothing suspicious around that he could hear and in most positive way, no shooting within his earshot which was a good sign. He started to pack his stuff slowly. It was long time ago when he slept in bed. After some bad events and disappearing of his friends he decided to live in wilderness avoiding contact with other people.


The isolation has started to take its fee. He knew he can´t continue this way. Actually he was seriously thinking in past two weeks if he should try to search for his old friends to find out if they live and maybe to look for new people. That night he decided before going to sleep. He will.


He throws his backpack over his back and walked into the fog.

//I am very sorry for my bad English, hope it is readable

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