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Sanctuary [Private Frequency]

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*Aaron presses down his PTT button and maniacal laughter ripples through the radio. The laughter slowly dies down before a calm voice begins to speak*


*more laughter can be heard before abruptly ending. nothing but silence can be heard for a few seconds*

That, Now that is funny such a word has now place in such a world like this, It really brings a smile to my face and i hate that.

I'm Coming for you. All of you, One by one ill make you all smile. Ill show you my pain, Ill make your sanctuary fall.

See you soon

Yours Truly


*Aaron releases his PTT*

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*Aaron Eagerly pushes his PTT down again*

Actually i just remembered something, A little comforting piece..maybe, I believe if memory serves me correct i had a little friend of yours once upon a time

*Aaron grins remembering how the man screamed*

You see i did leave him alive, i mean sure i tortured him removed a few things ext ext the small details, but he lived right. Him name...Jeez there has been far too many but i think it was Carter, He was fun. I hope you all are as entertaining as he was

*Aaron releases his PTT*

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