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To Gator Rodgers [Private Frequency]

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*Izaak digs through his notes looking for his old Plantation contacts. He finds Gator's name and attempts to make contact. The transmission starts*

Gator, this is Izaak. We haven't talked since my capture at Camp Hope. I do not know what side you were on but it does not matter anymore. You are the only former Plantation member I know is alive. Niko was killed yesterday-

*He refrains from saying anymore and pauses a moment*

I need to meet with you. Contact me when you can and meet at the Plantation. There is much to discuss.

*The transmission ends as Izaak releases the PTT*

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*Gator hears the familiar voice and grabs his radio*

"I'm a little tied up right now. I'll make my way over there ASAP and let you know when I've arrived. Glad to hear from you again"

*he sets the radio down and turns back to his notepad and continues writing names on it*

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