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A Message to Fox [Private Frequency]

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*Calvin looks at the body on the table in front of him. The black male swathed in a tarp, was missing his ears, tongue, teeth, hands and body mutilated to some of the extents of human cruelty. His tired eyes looked the body over, stillness to him as he inspected every inch still with rigidness and shame, wallowing in his own self-perceived failure.*

"He was my responsibility."

*The man's words sounded bitter as he spoke, his accent disturbing the stillness of the air around him before silence settled once more. Though after a few moments he reached into his magazine pouch and pulled out his radio. With the flick of his thumb the screen illuminated to show a scrambled and unrecognizable frequency.*

*Choking up on the PTT he depressed the button, the ambient sounds of the building settling against the wind playing very clearly over the radio. But silence ensued from his end, a breath, drawn out and labored, hitching on his gut-wrenching remorse accompanied the ambience. But before long, he spoke, Irish accent ringing out, yet strained."


"Niko's... Niko's dead."

"He... Was my responsibility... He was going to be a ranger... He-... I failed him."

"I should have... I-..."

*Trembling, his thumb releases from the button, fingers clutching the plastic hull of it as if it were his last lifeline, his last magazine and he was in dire pain, dire need. Calvin's thumb depressed the button once more.*

"I should have kept a closer eye on him... I'm... I'm sorry Fox. I'm-..."

*The sound of an anguished cry of remorse emits from his lips as the last thing transmits from the radio.*

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*Fox looks at all the stuff laying on the ground and the two dead bodies next to it. She sighs and unclips the magazine from her gun to put in a new one. Her radio comes to life and she hears Calvin's voice. Surprised about hearing his voice on the radio, she listens carefully. She takes a deep breath when Calvin has finished. Looking at the dead bodies, she realises something. She sits down on a wall near the bodies, leans her head against it and pushes down the PTT*

It's not your fault.

*She releases the PTT and sighs while getting up again. She picks up some Ammunition and food from the ground and makes her way out*

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