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Message to Jackson [Private Frequency]

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*Cowboy sits in the Clubhouse, looking at some of the guys outside drinking and enjoying themselves by the bonfire, a day of celebration for reuniting with Taylor*

"I'm gonna make this short n' sweet buttercup, we found Luis, and let me tell you somethin' if you think your lies and tricks are gonna make us bash a club brother's brains in, you're damn wrong.  So let me make myself extremely fuckin' clear alright?  I don't wanna be talkin' here all night because we're havin' a party tonight, and honestly, I don't wanna waste my time gettin' angry at some two-faced dipshit over the radio, just thought I should say, we found Vega, and he's well and unharmed, looks like you didn't torture info out of him after all.  You play a good game, I'll give ya that, but let me tell you this, next time I see you Jackson, I'm gonna make it slow, painful, and very bad for you, I'll let each and every Club member have a piece of you, and when we're all done?  I'll make sure you can't get back up and walk amongst the livin' ever again, you crossed the line tough guy, tryin' to fuck over the Club, tryin' to take my ex-wife, naw you are steppin' on the wrong motherfuckers turf.  I may not be a master of deception like yourself, but I am a man of my word, and I will find you, AND I WILL KILL YOU JACKSON."

*The radio cuts to static as Cowboy pats Luis on the back, "It's good to have you back brother, now let's go get us a couple beers and have some fun tonight, sound good brother?", as Cowboy walks out of the Clubhouse, he tosses the radio on the bed, not caring what Jackson would have to say back.*

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*Amused, Jackson picks up the radio to respond to Cowboy's message. Pressing down the PTT, he speaks in his usual patronizing voice*

"Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy. I'm glad you're starting to wise up. You see with me, I always have another trick up my sleeve. You can hunt me, but you won't catch me. If by some miracle you do, then I will call it well played and will be ever humbled by the terrible things you and your dim-wits will proceed to do to me. So until we meet again, if we ever do, I wish you good day Mr. Mitchell. And by the way, your sister is a very beautiful girl, it wouldn't be very wise to let her out of your sight again."

*The channel cuts to static as jackson release's the PTT.*

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