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King of Hearts - Jason Ray [Lore story]

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*Crunch* Crunch* The corn husks under Jason's boots as he walks thorugh the corn feild. The tops of the corn wave their golden brown dead leaves in the wind. Jason walks with his hands in his pocket and next to him walks Gabby.

"So.. How's it been honey? I havent talked to you for a couple days now."

Jason looks at Gabby, and she looks back smiling. They stop and watch the sun drift down behind some clouds, and she responds.

"It's been alright Jay. I don't really know what I was doing with my mother... You know how she is. She would love to see us be ripped apart."

Jason shakes his head in disappointment. He grabs Gabby's hand, and stares at her. His dark brown eyes looking into her soul, telling her he's a serious as he can be.

"Don't you let her shake you up honny.. You know what we have... True love, and that's all we need... It's the purest magic of all, and the most powerful... you know that."

Gabby smiles and walks forward a bit. She kicks one of the fallen corn cobs, and watches the corn rip apart and scatter across the brown field. She takes out a necklace and attached to the bottom is a four leaf clover. She looks at jason; her hair covering half of her face. She hold it out and smiles.

"Jay.. I want you to have this. It was given to me on my sixteenth birthday. It means a lot too me, and I want you to have something that will remind you of us wherever you go..."

Jason smiles, and gently takes the necklace from Gabby. He un-clips the two ends and wraps it around his neck, connecting the two ends once more. The necklace layed on his red t-shirt, and reflected the autumn sun into his eyes. 

"Gabby.. This is very sweet of you..."

Jason looks up into the sky to see the clouds warp and become black as the night. Lightning shoots across the sky, and thunder shakes the ground. Gabby fades into thin air, and reaches out for Jason.

"No, No.. No Gabby!"

Jason looks around terrified about whats happening to see a police officer walk up to him. He sees the officer and he appear transparent like a ghost. He looks at him, and rain pours down from the sky, but his voice is Crystal clear.

"Jason... We regret to inform you... That Gabby Dozel was killed in a hit and run. Her body was found in a ditch outside of town. We're very sorry for you loss son..."

Jason backed up in shock; tears flowing down his face, and denial fills his brain with rapid fire thoughts, "No she can't be dead.. This is a lie!"

He falls to his knees and holds his face in his palms.

"No! This can't be true it ca-" 

Before Jason can finish his sentence his woken up violently in the night, sitting his his bed with cold sweat dripping down his face. He looks around trying to get his barrings, before looking around to see he's in a log cabin somewhere in Chernarus. He looks at his necklace that still has the clover, which is old and dirty. He rubs his his face, and realizes it was just a dream. It was just a horrible dream.

 "Don't worry Gabby... You'll always be with me. Even in death."

Jason get out of bed, putting a new t-shirt on. He looks over to his old jacket from Iowa. He picks it up, and looks thorough the pockets to find an old patch given to him from his job. The patch was a heart with the words "Love Doctor" which he received from his matchmaking job back in Iowa. He takes the patch and puts it back in the pocket.

"My true love is long gone, but I can at least help those who have not found theirs... Or help those get through their struggles. That's what Gabby would want, right?"

Someone knocks on the door, and yells thorough it as best they can.

"Hey you alright, buddy?"

Jason slips the jacket on, and yells back in his dragged Midwestern accent.

"Never better buddy... Never better."


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Lit af Frosty!

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Froooostyyyy!! <3 that's littt

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That was deep. Very nicely done and the music choice was nicely done. Excited to see more from you.

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Wow Frosty I'm really feeling this bro. Excellent music choice, I'll definitely be following this. #FeelsAF

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Seen a few of these dream stories today and I think they're sick! Music got me real immersed gj lad ;)

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