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United Nations Leaving Chernarus (Open)

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*As he adjusts the settings in the broadcast booth at Altar Radio Station, the radio clipped to his shoulder comes to life.* 

"Lieutenant, this is Raptor Actual. Phoenix, Raptor, and Viper have all embarked on the boat. We have only a few supplies left to load and the World Health Organization personnel with the samples. Report to the rendezvous in 20 minutes. Over."

"Wilco, Raptor Actual. Over and out." *He turns to the men guarding the door* "Spooner, Amarisi, make sure Southdam and Beretta are ready to move. Captain Kolinski is almost ready to ship out, the Secretary General is already aboard and they're not going to wait around all day." *As the troops carry out their orders, he turns back towards the microphone and presses the Transmit button*

Attention all civilians. This is Lieutenant Jack Ripley of the United Nations Icelandic Expeditionary Force. I would like to thank you all for your cooperation and your patience during the course of our mission here in Chernarus. I was not aware that there were so many people who had such terrible experiences with barbarians and thugs who were acting in the name of, and poisoning the reputation of the United Nations. It must have been incredibly difficult to put your trust and faith in us, but you did it anyway and we thank you for that. The DNA samples that we've recovered through the generous volunteers at Camp Hope and the countless donors we've encountered has been instrumental in helping us to accomplish our mission.

We will now transport the samples back to Iceland where they can be analyzed by the worlds foremost scientific minds and with the full financial and logistical backing of the worlds governments. This may be the key to unlocking a vaccine or even a cure to this infection, and the first step towards a return to normalcy. Please keep in mind that this is not 'Goodbye' and we are not abandoning the remaining survivors, we are simply beginning the planned second phase of our mission. When the time comes, the United Nations will send us back here and I highly expect you will see some of us again, *Ripley smiles* as long as Secretary General Fordum doesn't drink us all under the table during our R&R time or Captain Kolinski doesn't throw us all in the stockade for insubordination or dereliction of duty!  *He chuckles*

To those who remain and stand for peace, order, and good. You have our respect and our gratitude, we will be by your side again and until that day we wish you the best. To those who seek only to survive, take solace in the knowledge that there are many more like you and many brave and noble men and women you can depend on. Finally, to those who seek to spread chaos, pain, and suffering... please know that your cause is pointless and destined to fail. 

I'm Lieutenant Jack Ripley of the United Nations Icelandic Expeditionary Force, signing off. God speed, survivors.

*After a short pause to reflect on his time here, Ripley nods to himself and ends the broadcast. He shuts off the lights and walks out the door and walks toward a waiting UN Jeep. Southdam, Beretta, and Amarisi are in the back, as Ripley gets into the passenger seat, Spooner shifts into drive and they set out towards the Berezino docks*

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