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To Doe.

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Hey there, whoever is reading this. My name's Steven Osborn, and well... If you're reading this it means one of two things. Number one, I'm dead and you pulled it off of my corpse. Number two, I'm not dead and probably lost this and would very much like it back if you could make an effort to find me. I'll leave a frequency you can contact me on in the final page of this journal. Anyway, I found this little empty book and decided, "Eh, what the hell? At least I will have something to 'talk' to."

So, yeah. I've been alone... a lot. Ever since this whole fiasco started really. And now I'm talking to a book... and writing what I say down in it. Totally not crazy, right? So, for the sake of this I'm going to address this entire book to whoever is currently reading it... I'll just refer to you as 'Doe', like Jane or John Doe, since I don't exactly know your name. 

Well, Doe. I hope you'll stick with me for awhile. Besides my one... "friend" being a murderer that I honestly don't entirely trust, there's not a whole lot of people I can talk with. Well. History time, to get the boring shit out of the way. I'm from the United States, originally. My father was a cyber security extraordinaire. He ran a multi-billion dollar company that supplied cyber security to the private companies and the public. I never really "had" to work for anything in my life, but that never really stopped me. I always worked for what I wanted, that's something my dad instilled in me when I was young. I got a job when I was young, almost fourteen and began saving money. On top of that, I pushed myself to excel in all of my schooling. I was pretty determined to survive on my own. Fast forward about six or so years, and here I am. Skipped a few grades here and there, and I was on my track to heading to college at the age of 18, but I wanted to experience the world. So I, for once, borrowed money from my parents so that I could travel the world by myself. One day, I ended up in Chernarus, and in the next few weeks I would be surviving  on my own. For good. And that's the basics of it.

Just like everyone else, I'll probably never see my family again, but that won't stop me from living in this world. Usually... I try and keep out of the cities. I just go in, take what I need- food and water, and I'll be off back into the wilds. Now, I'm going to change that. I've been a coward for far too long. Some one has shown that to me now. So, Duncan. We talked about the world today... I think it's high-time I experience the new one. Doe, let's get moving.

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