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Good Reasons [Open]

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Since the beginning of the Brokers, Jack had safe houses. He knew that the time would come when the kitchen would get too hot. These safe houses were scattered around the area, mostly in the South. He sits in the basement of one of them. A cork board sits on the wall. Diagrams of the area, showing his routes, his territory, and the fish net are circled. He looks it over, and returns to the desk to send a radio message

"This is a broadcast to the Brokers. There is no need to say my name as you will either know my voice or you won't. I want you all to know that my exit from the organization was planned. It was meticulously planned and organized to happen exactly how it did. There is not a need to worry, over the last few months I trained a few of you to take over. I hope you didn't think I would leave you helpless."

While talking, you hear Jack fiddling with a record player, the voice of a woman is heard in the background. He then continues to speak

"Soon my friends, when the time has come, I will come back to you. Till then, you know what to do."

The PTT is left pressed down, he turns on the music, you hear Jack speak away from the radio


"Care to dance?"

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*James Turns on the radio in shock from hearing jacks voice*

You have nothing to worry about MR *Static*

 I'll make sure you return to an empire and MR

*Turns the radio off but realizes that he forgot something and the radio goes back on*

 Save that dance until we meet once more.

*James Turns the radio off with a smile knowing that his boss is still alive*

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