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Where were we?[To Tucker][Closed Freq]

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-Finnr sits at a table looking out in to the pitch darkness trough a window on the second floor of the appartment he is residing in. he looks down at the papers on the table and shuffles trough them slowly, he scans a couple of em with a quick diagonal read and then slowly picks up the glass at the corner of the table. He takes a sip from it. The slow burning sensation of the alchohol reminds him that there is still unfinished things left he has to deal with. He picks off one of the radios of his belts and puts it on the desk. he holds the thing with his left hand while taking another sip from the glass. He sighs and slowly pushes in the ptt-

Tucker, you know me. I enjoy a good game of blindfolded chess more than anyone but you are keeping me waited. 2 months now probably even more I have been bad at keeping check with more petty stuff lately. I have been moving on to -he chuckles- bigger things.

Now to get on to point, we both realise as much as the next man that this circle jerk between us will involve alot of people that have no clue they are being played. You don't have to tell me otherwise I already know.

Now I like to describe it as blind folded chess, this "game" we are playing.

We have no clue what the other one is doing. Our best bet is to guess and gamble and work with percentages.

Now so far my best bet is you have been planning stuff. And so far I simply don't care.

There isn't anything that you could possibly figure out right now that could hurt me, my surroundings? Most definitly. Me? Not at all.

Heres my issue. It sadly enough goes both ways.

It pretty much is a circle jerk we wont be able to end this with one another.

-You hear a chair being pushed backwards and some steps Finnr's voice can be heard slightly more distant now-

So here is what I propose and listen very carefully it is only a one time offer.

I will let you live and do what I can to get this massive hunt for you off your back if you do a couple of tiny little things for me. Now let's get these things straight. You will learn about them in person when I feel like it. So far all you have to do is accept.

However we both know that these types of favours I hand out dont end well for those that refuse them.

So let's be reasonable Tucker. Let's end things where we standoff on neutral ground AND ofcourse both gain.

So what do you say. Alchoholic. Enough brain tissue left to do a decent deal?

-Finnr pulls down a half broken mask over his face and walks back to the desk were all the paper is laying. he pours over the glass slowly over the desk and ultimately drops it on the flour after its emptied out. he takes out a match and quickly moves it against the side of the box thats attached to his vest. as the flame starts he throws it on the desk, and the papers start burning. as you can hear the fire burning he utters one more sentence before the ptt gets released-

Where blood runs deep.

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*Tucker hesitates to respond. He calculates his chances and decides to make a response. With a cigarette in one hand, and a radio in the other, he depresses the PTT and speaks. Behind his voice is a strong wind, which whips his growing hair, and tingles his unkempt beard.*

"So you want to speak to me in person eh? I don't have to tell you what a stupid idea that is... for both of us really. Should you wish to communicate something to me, it would be better to have an in between eh? A dead drop?

*He takes a long drag from his cigarette and continues to speak.*

I could tell you that I still see you burning in my dreams, your flesh falling off your bones as you slowly roast, or I could tell you that I honestly don't care anymore, about it all. I could tell you the only thing I want to see if the destruction of that little... play thing up north, or I could tell you all I want to see is my wife, my child, Pinewood once last time, and an airplane that could whisk my family far away from this shit hole. I suppose it's your job in this little "blind fold" chess game to figure out my intentions yes?

*Tucker reaches over to his left and retrieves a bottle of whiskey, he unscrews the cap and fills a small glass half way as he continues to speak*

I agree to this... deal... but only if some circumstances are completed. Number 1, we don't speak in person. This could be facilitated through pawn in either of our little games, or a dead drop... in writing that only both of us would be able to understand... hmm, maybe alum and vinegar on a hard boiled egg? That's a classic! And Number 2. I'd like to know what ever became of our little deal so many months back. We talked about working to find any information on my wife, and then you vanished. Last we have actually spoke was... Christ back in Elektrozavodsk? At what were we calling that little warehouse? Hmmm... So many memories, so little reason to think about them all. So what do you say hmmm? Got a counter offer? I literally have the rest of my life to debate this yes?"

*He finishes his cigarette and ashes it next to the glass of whiskey. Quickly he grabs the glass and slams down the self imposed ration. Before releasing the PTT, he hums part of a folk song and then releases the PTT.*


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