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See ya soon

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With all the recent departures from the server I guess i'm out aswell, though I have some reason behind it

I'm currently in my Senior year of highschool and to me this is an important time to get ready to go off and hopefully get a degree is something useful besides playing games and sitting on the computer all day. Along with this my household has had a bad finacial strike at it. My mother lost her job Friday and my dad is currently to old to work (78) So I guess it's time to start juggling school and a full time job to help my family, meaning I can't be on too much anymore, it was nice knowing everyone just a few shoutouts to some people Hope,Daisy,Chilli,Boston,Diamond,Chowder,Frosty (the imposter of me), Carmine, Roach,Edyhynot, and Charlie. This may not be everyone but its just the people I could think of off the top of my head

Welp time to make my leave o7 this is to the DayzRP community


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Good luck dude. Hope everything works out for you.

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