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A peacekeeping force / Staff supervised group

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Good evening everybody,

just to add this ahead: I am rather new to the server and did meet just a handfull of people so far, so please dont take what I am stating as fact but as a personal opinion and a suggestion I know from another roleplay server I was playing on (DayZ Mod Server).

I am playing on the server ~1 week so far as a Soldier of the former UN Forces and it seems that people see it as a sport to robb, kill or do worse with UN Soldiers since the blue helmets seem to be a good target for them. Idk if the server is really that hostile, since I am not playing long enough here to judge on that, but the main reason I signed up for this RP server is because of actual roleplay and not getting into firefights with other people every day I am playing on the server. I know it is still DayZ and all the other arguments about realism, danger of live, hostilities and so on. But as far as I have seen roleplay shall be on first priority.

I had some great roleplay with the guys from the UN Expedition group and a small squad of also former UN and CDF soldiers I was going around with but appearantly you cannot log on the server as UN if you dont have at least a squad around you or otherwise you are fair game to be robbed or killed. And this is ICly absolute bullshit imo.

The server I played back in the days, where i played the UN Colonel, the UN was supposed to be a peacekeeping force, hosting a highly frequented roleplay hotspot for all the people and not intervening in any Gang wars that were going on on the server, as long as we didn't get attacked. So I wanted to throw this suggestion in and would ask you to give it at least a fair look before you call it bs or anything. I am trying to state it as clear as possible, but if there are any questions I am of course happy to answer them. Sorry for any inconvenience since english is not my native language.


The UN group back on iDayzRP was a staff supervised group. This meant, that the group was an official group but the staff team had a very close eye on them. To become part of the group you had to cast in an application, reviewed by the staff team and the leader of the UN group at that point and only an administrator could accept people into the UN. You had to match several preconditions in order to sign up for the UN, for example you had to have a fitting character of course, never been banned, no rulebreaks for the last 4 weeks and not known for bad or hostile RP.

The UN on the server was supposed to be a peacekeeping force for a very small area that served as one of the main roleplay hotspots on the map. The camp was between Electro and Cherno (yea gladly you could edit the map in the Mod) and was considered a safezone under protection of the United Nations. People there had to obey several rules, enforced by the UN, like f.e. not wearing firearms in hands but keeping them on their back. Therefore this place was well known as a safe and popular place to roleplay since the UN soldiers did not intervene with people if not necessary and did their job in keeping the peace and law enforcement there. Patrols were sent out to escort important people on request, scavange supplies or to investigate reported crimes, etc. The UN was in no way allowed to intervene in gang wars (thats how we called wars between groups) or to show any hostilities to players. Basicly only to return fire so to say.

In return for the jobs we did to encourage, protect and ensure safe and good roleplay, the UN became support from the staff team. At first in form of the own base, later with special vehicles and a ruleset regarding members of the UN. For example in order to perform an attack on the UN Base, you had to send a ticket request (via PM) to an Administrator and he had to allow the action before you could attack and you had to have a valid reason for your action. You also were not allowed to attack UN members on sight or - if seen - a single UN member kill him. (Robbing was different) I can try to see if I still have the ruleset on my old computer, since I worked it out together with another Staff Member on the old server.

So to sumarize it, the main task of the UN group was to encourage, ensure and protect safe roleplay at a certain roleplay hotspot and not travel around the map all the day, as well as to help new players by supplying them with medical stuff, food, tools and maybe a simple firearm (pistols mostly) to protect themselves. For me it was quiet fun playing the UN officer back in the day with some good lads around, doing some military / police roleplay and also helping others with a save place for their RP and a safezone to come to. The staff team in return helped out the UN with some benefits like vehicles, starting equip, the camp, the ruleset etc.

And of course if a UN member broke the code of conduct (No hostile actions, no robbing, etc.) back in the day he was put on trial and punished. In the worst case by removing him from the UN or execution (killing the character).

As far as I have seen there is no real group like stated above but I really enjoyed the UN back on the old server also even before I became part of it, since you could always go there and just roleplay.

That much to my suggestion, please stay friendly in the discussion. As I said I am rather new but wanted to give that suggestion. My intention is not to point fingers at anybody or accuse anybody of badRP or anything. This was just a very short summary and I will gladly answer all questions you have.

Thanks for reading.

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The reason why you are being robbed as a UN soldier is because of two reasons. The first is the history of bad shit previous UN groups had done in the past. This includes robberies, torture and killing innocents. The second reason is how you act in game. People overlook the past for the UN clan because they rp it so well. This could be because this rp environment is different from one you are used to but your in game behavior and mannerisms can determine your fate. They way you speak, move around and dress all play a factor in future rp.

There used to be two staff factions back in the mod. One was a neutral trading company. The other was a death squad. Both had their pros and con's but I personally believe they brought they DayZRP mod closer to death than it would have normally. With the current server tools (or lack thereof) a staff faction would have no difference to a player-run one.

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I am aware that running around as a rather well equiped soldier makes you a preferable target for people, but thanks for the information. I didn't know that there were already past UN groups with a rather.... difficult RP history on the server.

Altough I must admit that I have no clue on the possibilities for Admins on the DayZ SA since I just played the SA occassionally untill now.

But i think a staff supervised faction to ensure a safe RP hotspot would have a big difference to a normal, player faction. And may it only be for including the staff group with a few specific rules to ensure the survivability of the RP hotspot (like admin approval for attacking the base)

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Where would be the fun in that tho? I'm sure the staff would love to have hostile/bandit RP too. I guess this could be possible, but I don't see why it's needed.

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-1 from me. Let people and the community run naturally. More fun that way

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Before I start, I know nothing about your character, their history, their current mental state etc, I am just going off what assumptions I make IG and that of others I know when running into someone claiming to be "UN".  Are you running around actually fully kitted out and wearing UN helmets/berets, or is it more subtle and you just carry one or both of those things in your inventory?

If you are running around in full UN kit, as already pointed out by others, people claiming to be the UN or former UN generally get tagged in with the former group by people who remember or have been told about the shit the UN group did previously.  There are also those who I have met that believe the UN failed them or were responsible in some way for what happened.  The other point is, what UN?  How can you have United Nations if you don't technically have any real organised nations left?  The current UN group makes sense if you look at their lore, but would you really be running around as a remnant of a former unit in full uniform claiming to be UN this far into the apocalypse without Orders, a command structure, logistics, support etc etc?  And yes, I understand that sometimes shit still happens where people remain (there have been reports of Japanese soldiers manning their positions until well after the war ended) but is this what you are going for for your character?  If so are you conveying it well to others?  To most people you are just some dude running around in UN gear, people may simply think you are full of shit, trying to con them or a little off, either way you are ripe for the picking, especially if you ar eruning around like that solo.

If you are a bit more subtle about it, then I don't what to say, maybe it is because you are alone and make an easy target, maybe you are far too trusting/not cautious enough, maybe people just don't like something about your character, maybe you have one of those highly sort after weapons, or maybe you look like a mobile loot crate.

Honestly, running around fully kitted and alone is a bad idea, try minimal weaponry for a bit and see how that goes, and try and make allies fast or make it known to other groups that you could prove useful to them in one form or another.

There is no "Safe roleplay" there are no "safe spaces" and there have been many suggestions to have something like this put up which seemed to get shot down by most people for many reasons (see here for example), you are subject to the roleplay you receive from anyone that comes across your way and vice versa, whether super friendly, at the other end of the spectrum or somewhere in between.  All or at least most of that stuff you mentioned about the previous server can still be done without a "staff group", just start up your own hero group (we definitely need more of those tbh), successfully claim an area, and have the numbers and firepower to hold the area, enforce your rules and push back the waves (because lets be honest about what inevitably happens when camps/trading areas are set up IG and people find out about them) of bandits that will come for you daily or make deals with them so they don't mess with your area.  There are already groups that claim territory and enforce theri own rules.

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Oh god I'm having trade post ptsd flashbacks...

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New people to the server go "Oh we hate UN" or start hostilities with my two characters but when I ask why the common response is:

- Because the UN are shit!

- Because.

Barely anyone knows the real reason except from what Nihoolious has stated. It was difficult playing my characters at first but eventually I think people realised I'm not going to permadeath or something. I don't know.

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Yeah, so Nihoolious really explained it well.

The UN on our servers don't have a good history, as explained, they were known for their hostile actions towards innocent people, which turned them into a target themselves. I think it just kinda snowballed from there and just turned the UN into the natural enemy/target of Chernarus. Unfortunately, like Hope says, people just kinda target the UN now without much reason. Ironically, I've been interested in creating a UN character for a while now because of all of this.

As far as a sorta official group that is established by staff, I think it's a cool idea. Now I was only around for the tail end of mod, so I don't know how any of the groups had worked in the past, but I know Rolle had proposed several official groups for his Tanoa Crisis idea, which really made me back it.

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From what I've seen of the UN peacekeepers, bear in mind that is not very much, they stick out like a sore thumb due to their military style equipment and the blueberries that they wear on their heads.

I believe you want a very rock-solid, stable environment for exclusive role-playing and interaction with other members of the community and, whilst that is an integral part of DayZRP, you have to remember that the RP is only one half of what the game and community offer. To put it frankly you are not in a safe place when you're in Chernarus, a country consumed by disease, war and ruled by the principal of might makes right. Goodness isn't something anybody can get away with, bandits roam up and down the country seeking to rob anybody they can find, paramilitaries are effective and organised as well as being heavily armed. Essentially, the country is not a safe place to be in and acting as an official military organisation seeking to bring order to the chaos will only make you a prominent target for any gangs or paramilitaries that have seized power and won't give it back without a fight. Blundering around in military uniform and wearing distinguishing protective gear is like dropping a bleeding, screaming man into a darkwater shark tank, they see you but you don't see them. In Chernarus, you are not safe, you'll meet all kinds of good, bad and everything in between; so to designate an area as exclusively "safe" and to reinforce that safety with a barrier of bureaucracy (the request to attack the UN base, the no kill rule) would take the edge out of what makes DayZRP so fun. Instead of fighting to restore order, order is restored for you and protected by outside factors which serves to break immersion and streamline RP into a select location which, for bandit/torture RPers, would not be entirely fun or fair.

TL;DR You're a foreign force trying to establish a basecamp and order the chaos so many have profited from, of course you're going to be met with hostility.

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Pretty much what many people said, is either the UN's reputation in DayZRP, what the UN represents to the current chaos in Chernarus or the simple fact you're rolling alone full of gear.

I'm loner too, for now, the only things I think could make me robbery approved material are my M65 Jacket and my Hunting Backpack.

But I know that and is the main reason why I carry my Magnum strapped to my hands when in urban areas.

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