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Bryan O'Neil and The Don [Private Frequency]

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*Anton pushes the PTT button down.*

Hey there Bryan. How does it feel to be alive?

*He chuckles* 

You know, I was thinking today... where are the heads you promised? 

*He pauses and takes a look around.*

I can't see them anywhere.

*He sighs.*

Let me tell you a little story. A while ago I tortured a person, that I maybe shouldn't have tortured, just like you. I thought she was responsible for something, but she wasn't. As a result I offered her a way to get her revenge, I handed myself over.

*He pauses again.*

You are claiming the Don wouldn't fear anyone, but his voice was shaking when he stood infront of me an my people.

His "reinforcements" never came, they left him behind.

I could have killed him, but I gave him a chance to proof that he is worthy living.

He didn't proof anything, yet.

*He chuckles.*

So the deal changed.

You will hand yourself over to me and I will promise you, that I won't do anything to you and that you will leave alive.

We both know that the kid you crucified wants his revenge and he shall have it.

That's the deal, after you did this we can go back to being... associates.

*He pauses again.*

So tell me, do you want to be tortured by a 16 year old and leave the past behind?

*He chuckles.*

Oh, the other option would be the Don, you and all of your associates dying tormented and skinned on our torture racks.

Let me know your choice.

*Anton releases the PTT button.*

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*Alvarez picks up his radio, furiously, he takes a deep breath before speaking, making sure to calm himself, but using a noticeably different tone than his usual snarky, rough tone that is commonly heard over the radio*

My old amigo Anton, nice to hear your annoying voice chime over the radio once more, I was beginning to think that maybe you had some sense beat into you, and possibly learned that swinging your dick around on the radio means nothing unless you actually do some damage. I guess you have yet to learn that lesson.

*He lets out a small laugh*

I appreciate you not hurting my Compadre Bryan, that would have royally pissed us off, I suppose that was a decision that you thought through quite well.

Alas, that is all behind us now. Down to the nitty-gritty of what you have said over our frequency.

*He sighs deeply, you can then hear chewing as he takes a bite of his Chimichanga*

Firstly, I would like to address the fact that you seem to think I feared you and your men that day we talked, no senor, as I have said, I fear no one.

The reason I was respectful to you and your men, was simply because we talked about a job that was a mutual interest for us over the radio, so do yourself a favor, and stop acting like you are someone I fear, because, let me assure you, I do not fear you Anton.

*He takes another bite*

Secondly, I would like to address the fact that you seem to think we are your fucking errand boys or some shit. We are not, we do simply what is in our best interest. You can also forget about telling us what you did to Daniel, acting like you are big shit because you killed someone that you could not even capture yourself. Not only that, But we handed him over to you, without any weapons, restrained. No one is big shit for collecting a fucking package.

*He licks some salsa off of his finger, loudly*

Lastly, there is no way that we will hand ourselves over to anyone. No one has caught me yet, And when they do, I will accept my fate. There is no way that I will ever put down my weapons, least of all to a man like you. If the boy was going to get revenge he would have gotten it by now. So, fuck your deal Anton, If you would like to try and kill us, go for it my friend. It is pointless though, many have tried, what makes you think you have what it takes to get us?

*He tosses his plate aside and leans back*

Also, you will never learn my true name motherfucker.

I am simply the Don.

*He smiles*

And the Don fears no-one.

*The radio goes static*

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*Anton lays in bed, when he is hearing the Don's message, he sighs and sits down on the bed. After a few seconds in pain from hanging too many people with Johnny he finally grabs his radio and pushes the PTT button down. He rolls his eyes towards Ellie next to him and starts speaking with an indifferent voice.*

Look at that, the cockroach is crawling out of it's little hiding spot.

*Anton starts laughing.*

Don't worry, buddy. Bryan told me alot yesterday, for example that you are gone for one week now, but that's totally not because you are scared. Listen, I don't need your real name for anything, I was just curious.

*He chuckles.*

I've made you a generous offer and now you decline, thank you. You know, Bryan accepted and now listen to the funny part... nothing will happen to him, since it was all just a charade. Yes, once again the Don fucked up, Danny wouldn't have even met you. It was a test and you failed, but don't worry since you are not affraid of us you have nothing to worry about, right?

*He looks over to Ellie next to him and the wire in her hands with five ears on it.*

Looking, forward to meeting you Don maybe you stop hiding at the coast for once.

*He pauses.*

And you Bryan... we are good, you passed the test.

*Anton puts the radio away and lays back down after changing the bandage on his left ear.*

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