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DAYZRP Rampage Interview [October 20th]

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Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I have some exciting news!

I will be holding a live interview with a Rampage on October 20th! This interview will consist of a few questions I've prepared myself and questions you, yourself, ask in the chat! If there's anything you'd like to know, I'll be sure to ask them for you! 

New show coming soon and will be announcing tomorrow; you're going to love it.

Moobot Commands

!currentsong / !nextsong / !permit / !skipsong / !songlist / !songrequest / !songs / !volume


You must follow DayZRP's community rules while attending the interview

Questions you ask must be appropriate. Inappropriate questions will be ignored such as personal information or things that may breach staff's TOS.

Stream Moderators:









Where can you find the stream?


First Episode (See the rest on Twitch or Youtube)


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