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To those with Samsung TV/Monitors

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I've been using a Samsung 47 inch TV as a monitor for the past two and a half years, and prior to that it was being actively used as a TV since like 2007. I found out the hard way today how a Samsung TV shows that it's about to die.

Turned on my TV today and it immediately started flashing green and grey colors and lines all over the fucking place and the TV emitted this ear-raping screech that sounded like a screamer jumpscare. I legit thought I got a virus or something in my OS boot files only to find out that it was the power supply on the TV starting to die. The glitching visuals were because of the power being too low initially and requiring the hardware to reboot while the screeching was from the capacitors and power coils going berserk.

It can be fixed through replacing the pieces or just buying a new TV/monitor, but I thought I'd post it since it gave me a huge scare since I'm a big pussy when it comes to epileptic visuals mixed with loud noises.

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