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33.6 [Private Frequency]

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*Izaak begins the transmission*

I thought it best to transmit this message to the one in charge first so he himself can tell his club. 

My name is Izaak Sirko. I represent an ambitious and powerful group of like-minded individuals who do not go by a formal name. We know about your club and the type of business you conduct in Chernarus. This does not bother us, in fact we and our associates would like to make a deal that would benefit us all in the end.

We look to discuss this further in person. A time and location can be arranged via this frequency if you are interested.

*Izaak releases the PTT to await the response*

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*Damien listens to the transmission carefully, thinks as he has heard of the name Izaak Sirko before. He eventually recalls the name from being informed it from the once captured Joseph Blades. Damien transmits*

Izaak Sirko.... I've heard of you... There was eh, a problem with I think one of your boys. Joe Blade I think? Some shit happened with a guy he was with,  didn't know this Joe Blade, but took him in case. Then *chuckles* huh, we actually became on good terms, and understood it was a whole misunderstandin'. Talked for bit, mentioned you, said he was with you. Meant to actually contact you but forgot the damn numbers he gave me. But hell, send him our regards if you could.

*Damien pauses*

Pagan purple is on high demand, that's for god damn sure. I do also like the sound of benefiting the both of us.

*Damien pauses, thinks of the pros & possible risks*

A'ight, Izaak, keep your radio close by if you could, we'll be in contact.

*Damien ends the transmission*

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