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To Pagans [Private Frequency]

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*Izaak dials his radio to the frequency provided. He begins the transmission*

We seek communication with the President of the Pagans M.C. We have important matters to discuss you might be interested in. Is this the correct frequency?

*Izaak releases the PTT and awaits a response*

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[align=left]*Damien awakes in the clubhouse, hungover, to a voice transmitting on the club's main radio and listens to the transmission. Damien transmits*

Ehhh who's this? How important? Do I know you, do I not wanna know you? 

*Damien pauses and scratches his head in confusion*

You can tune into 33.6. Don't know which one this is on, I'll keep my own radio close-by.

*Damien ends the transmission, grabs his own radio, and curiously awaits a transmission*

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