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DayZRP Fantasy American Football League [Idea]

How should DayZRP Fantasy League be handled?  

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  1. 1. How should DayZRP Fantasy League be handled?

    • We should start it soon and see how the rest of the season works out.
    • It's too late in the season, we should wait until the next season for this to be a thing.
    • This shouldn't be a thing.

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 A recent win from my home team, the San Diego Chargers prompted me to throw the idea of a DayZRP Fantasy League out there for you guys to talk about.

Someone brought this idea up a month back after the season started (if you know who you are sorry forgot who it was), and it seemed like a pretty cool idea. I know this is a multi-national community but I'm curious to know others who are also interested in American football and watch the games on a regular basis. If I were to make a league, I'd like to know who would be interested in joining and input if you think it's too late in the season and I should start this next year, or if we can give it a go this season and see how it pans out. 

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