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I have reading issues, and Im trying to literally complete the first step. I swear Ive read the rules 2, and the newcomers page alot. I tried using other threads to maybe help me but, even they make no sense to me. Thanks to anyone who can help me, in advance.

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Join "Waiting for Staff help" channel in TeamSpeak, a member of Staff will assist you.

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Hello Linkto,

If you're having reading issue's, for whatever reason... As Castiel said feel free to join the " Waiting for staff help " Channel on TeamSpeak, The staff team will be happy to help you with whatever issue you're having! However, the staff can't just give you answers, you will still have to find out for yourself!

Good luck pal.

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As the others said just come into Teamspeak and join the "Waiting for Staff Help"- Channel. The people there are happy to help you. :)

Besides of that when you cant find the passphrase. Read every word loud for yourself. You will find it. :)

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