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Is this Normal ?

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Hi everyone :)

So i just wanted to ask how much time it takes for you guys to review my character. I have been waiting for about 5-7 hours and i just want to know if it normal. If it is thats fine haha i just dont want my character to be lost or something. Have a nice day yall

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Hey there!

When you are talking about the whistelist application, look here:


Its perfectly normal and in the FAQ it is written down that it can take even several days. So dont worry about it.

Greetings! I hope I could help.

When you have any other question, just ask. :)

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It can take as long as it takes it's usually around 24 hours though.

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Hi there, Generally it takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending how many whitelists there currently are at the time.

Since your question has been answered I'll go ahead and mark this as solved

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