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Hand of God [Private - Old Mobius Frequency]

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Mack transmits a message on the old Mobius frequency, 32.7. Anyone Mack has ever dealt with would have this frequency, although the message is meant for ex-members of Mobius that are still living.

Mack picks up the radio and presses down the PTT.

"To anyone still listening to this frequency - hopefully members of the late Mobius - I'm still alive and kicking. It has come to my attention that there are some within Mobius that had blamed me - led them into a trap, tricked them, something like that - and for that, I'd like to apologize. When I worked within the Kingdom, our job was very simple - find, capture, and kill enemies of the state - that meant rebels, defectors, and so on - and we found that doing this quietly was most effective. I thought I could transfer what I learned under Joffrey into my own business, and I failed. I failed you all, and I'm sorry. I brought my personal qualms into business and I dragged you all through the dirt with me.

So, I just wanted to say, again, I apologize. I hope that you can accept that and we can have a friendly conversation when we see each other again. If you're wondering, I joined up with Balfour's crew after what happened. A couple of the other Mobius lads are here too; how nice.

I feel like God, or whoever is out there, gave me another shot at living. If the bullet landed a couple inches to the left then I wouldn't be here today. So, let's see if I can do some good with whatever time I've got left.

He continues holding down the PTT, feeling like there's more to say. He finally releases it and sets the radio back down on the countertop, staring at the contract board.

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Darren listens to Mack, he twiddles his fingers for a moment, rubs his hands together and then holds down the PTT of his radio.

"Who are the cunts that blame you? I mean, I don't and I haven't seen anyone blaming you. If they're trying shit then tell me when we next meet in person. To me it seems that all the important people from Mobius are with Bobby now...    Jake is important too, of course. Don't know about everyone else.

He releases the PTT and continues to burn masks in his fireplace. He then realises something and quickly gets back on the radio.

"... and Jenny is important!"

The radio cuts out.

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