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One for the road [Open Freq]

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*Daniel rests up against his crashed car and reaches for his radio in the glovebox*

*Daniel presses the PTT and a thick, raspy Australian accent can be heard*

"Uh...Hel..hello, is their anyone out there, that can help me *Coughing* ...fuck me... anyway ... some fuckbag ran me off the road ... my car is totalled ... I think my arm is fractured and my leg badly bruised... I *coughing badly* I don't know where I am ... and I think my attackers are coming closer to my crash"

"... Please help ... the last town I saw had a gas station, a view of an airfield and a bunch barns.... I don't know if this is good help ... but be quick ... they're close *Coughing Badly* ... where's my gun" 

*The sound of a shotgun can be heard loading, followed by the explosion of shell rounds can be heard before the transmission cuts off*

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*A muffled sounding person holds down the PTT button as starting to speak in silent tone*

'I recommend not revealing your location, that means no aid would come to you as well,

 Head south, If it is not too late. '

* The transmission cuts off *

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